ALBUM REVIEW: Arion – Vultures Die Alone

Finland’s reputation for homing rock and metal legends stays intact and the latest band to prove this are ARION. They are due to release third studio album Vultures Die Alone and from listening to it, it is easy to see why they are rising stars in Melodic Metal.

It might be down the similar sounding melody but album opener Out Of My Life is very reminiscent of what I used to listen to as a teenager. It goes straight in for the kill no questions asked. You are drawn in by pumping riffs and dominant vocals that keep your interest piqued throughout.

The past year has been eventful, I didn’t need to tell you that. It’s also evident that we aren’t out of the woods yet so in times like these . Vultures Die Alone is beacon of hope that will give you strength through powerful music arrangements and relatable lyrics. Below are just a few examples of what I mean.

If there was a dictionary where songs were used to feelings and emotions, Break My Chains would be the perfect for the word empowerment. From the off, there is a mighty feel enforced by the choirs and symphonic elements. I like it. Lyrics such as “I will not fall” “I will burn it all, I won’t die here” and “I’ve overcome all my fears, I will break my chains” carry this power throughout the songs. I should also take note there is a fantastic guitar solo to add to all this power. Trust me when I say, you will feel better after listening to this track.

I’m Here To Save You wouldn’t be out of place in a Japanese Anime cartoon, film or a video game. It’s full of action, sci-fi type sounds and empowering lyrics such as “I’ll be with you until the end” and “I’ll never fail you, I’ll be there” that will get the protagonist/s through whatever they need to accomplish.

In The Name Of Love featuring CYAN KICKS was recently released as a single and I am very glad it was. Lyrics such as “I’ll be lost forever, there is nothing like you” and “I’ll destroy or kill anything, in the name of love” pack a punch. The huge sounding music arrangements emphasise these. From what I understand, it’s a song about a trying to mend a broken relationship. Most of us have been through this and it can be such a painful experience. The song does so well to emulate this hurt and determination that any of us can feel.

I would describe I Don’t Fear You as your typical ARION track. Fast paced, action packed and the feeling of power when listening to. This is a great song to direct at any struggles and obstacles that have gotten in your way. Lyrics such as “I’ll be stronger than you can ever be” and “I come hear to confront my enemies” enforces this message and the powerful music arrangements make me feel I can conquer anything.

It closes with beautiful ballad Until Eternity Ends. It’s not full of fist pumping action as the rest of the tracks but it’s still provides such an impact. A moment of reflection is always needed when you feel stuck and it’s needed more than ever more. This track is a phoenix rising from the ashes, open to new possibilities and adventures.

Since their previous release Life Is Not Beautiful, ARION have been on my radar and Vultures Die Alone is a great reason to keep them on there. Give this album a whirl and place them in your vision. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Vultures Die Alone will be released 9th April 2021 via AFM Records.

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