ALBUM REVIEW: Mercutio – Antagonist

MERCUTIO, an alt rock trio from the UK have recently launched their debut album: Antagonist.

If you like things that are a little different, then maybe this is for you. Listening to this album for the first time, when a new track begins it’s like dipping your hand into a bag of Haribo, you just don’t know what you are going to pull out.

Some of this album I love, some of it I like and some of it I’m not so keen on. But that’s just me. The wonderful thing about a creation such as this is everyone will take something different from it. From some very good traditional style rock music to some almost theatre like, stage show tunes, this album pulls you in many directions.

Vocalist Ross William Wild comes from a background of musical theatre (which explains that flavour in some of the tracks), but also had a spell singing with SPANDAU BALLET in 2017 (don’t panic rock fans, you would never have guessed had I not told you).

The other two members that make up the trio are guitarist Fabio Staffieri and drummer Francesco Lucid. Guitarist Fabio is the founder member of the group, while Francesco starred as the drummer in Elton John’s band in the musical Rocketman.

These three guys obviously bring an array of talent and experience to the table.

This album, along with the band in general, have already been gaining some valuable recognition. Two tracks from Antagonist were released as singles last year, Slap Bang and Playtime. The third, Revolution Station has recently been added to the list.

The track Terraferma is going to be used as the theme for the 2021 FXC (Fireball Extreme Challenge) World Cup to be held in Mexico.

FXC is a new sport that I am unfamiliar with, but MERCUTIO are the music equivalent, so a match made in heaven. Hopefully they can help each other grow in their respective fields.

These are exciting times for the band. As Covid restrictions begin to loosen, live shows are also returning. They have been added as the main support on INGLORIOUS UK tour, which has been rescheduled from earlier in the year to September/October 2021.

There is also an album launch gig scheduled for 21st June at the Camden Assembly, London.

I have a strong feeling MERCUTIO will be good live. Due to previous projects, I am sure these guys will be very much at home on stage.

In summary, this album is a bit of a mixed bag. My personal favourite is the opening track Where The Pain Lives. There’s every chance yours will be one of the others. This is an album that will divide opinion, of that I’m sure.

This trio certainly never played it safe with Antagonist, staying true to who they are as musicians, and for that I commend them.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Dave Jones

Antagonist is out now.

Find MERCUTIO on Facebook.

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