EP Review: Eonian – The Nomad

Whether they like it or not, New York are getting a brutal wake up call. This is all thanks to EONIAN, an Extreme Symphonic Metal project consisting of many musicians from around the world and it was concocted by guitarist Jaume Antuñano. Their debut EP is out now and from listening to this, it’s easy to see why this is being praised by critics and easy to understand why new listeners are intrigued. Are you ready for some epic chaos? Let’s go through each track and you can decide if you are.

As I have mentioned before, the best openers entice the listener in and hit you with a huge impact. Winter Wanderer can easily be added to this list of best opening tracks. It also gave the first taste on what to expect. First impressions? I can hear influences from DIMMU BORGIR and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, particularly with the majestic orchestral arrangements mixed with black metal screeches, chaotic guitar work and thunderous drums. Given the project shares their name with a DIMMU BORGIR album, it makes sense.

With a mighty track title like Versus The Titan, you expect some power and might. From the off, this track does not disappoint. You can imagine battling a titan with great force when listening to this track. With the superb arrangements from the orchestral elements and the neck breaking guitar work, the song does well to emulate the chaos and pandemonium that will happen when battling a titan. This track will drag you into battle whether you’re ready or not.

The song Hellfire from Disney’s The Hunchback Of Notre Damn comes to mind at the beginning of Cleansing Fire due to similar powerful tones and stunning melodies from the choirs. It takes a chaotic turn instantly giving the distinction between the two tracks. Even amongst this madness you can hear the epic prowess Hellfire gives off.

Delirium caught me off guard in the best possible way. I was not expecting to hear the heroic tones that wouldn’t be out of place on a SERENITY or DRAGONY album and the brutal screams over these arrangements work very well. This was my personal favourite track off the EP for these very reasons.

You got to have that epic closer and Shores Of A Last Sea is one of the best I have heard. From the majestic orchestral melodies that mark the final chapter to the untold chaos doing well to emulate the rough ocean, this track was a great closer.

The Nomad is a solid debut EP and one that will open doors for EONIAN. If this is what an EP offers up, I am eager to know what a full-length album will contain. This is an EP that every metal head should check out.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

The Nomad is out now.

Find EONIAN on Facebook.

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