ALBUM REVIEW: Boom Dox – Dead Nation

This is an album I feel really reaches out to ones who rebel and feel that power ladder should be tipped upside down and made non-existent. Also that the ones in the “power” positions need to be put in their place so that the double standards we are often held to are made obsolete. The artist really allows the listener to connect as they talk to a younger generation of the mid to late teen audience with the terminology and the essence of the masterpieces they created but I feel this calls out to a much further audience. I can feel a very punk hearted origins from this album. Due to lyrics showing the inadequate and unequal portrayal of the working-class people and the lack of understanding from higher class of society who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and make more than a working persons year’s salary in one day.

The album title Dead Nation really explains we are all just the living brain dead and “unable to think on their own” humans due to society impact upon the way we are expected to be when that is a hugely outdated concept. Although it’s not just the lyrics that hold all the power, especially in Zombie the first track which quite honestly depicts what we thought to be to the ones in power. Just before the riffs start it gives off a very seventies and eighties mummy and zombie “its behind you” and “they’re coming” horror film feel but after Nickal starts playing it turns to more of a sci–fi, alien, space invasion, UFO’s hovering over the city feeling. Which I loved much like the beginning of Dead Nation with the quirky little guitar opening but it is a very relevant like “somebody get me out of here I can’t face this compression I’m feeling depression”, “somebody break me out of here I can’t take all this pressure” and “welcome to my dead nation”. The other strong lyrics that are more of a modern issue are “there is no one here to help you” “you must stand on your own” “fight on your own” “break out of this living hell” which basically shows it’s a dog-eat-dog way of life now and that is that.

Within this album, the lyrics really portray the messages and the emotions behind them as well as being along side the musical talent that it is combined and composed with really emphasises the feeling it gives off. When Mr. Sharp was creating the lyrics, he perfectly intertwines them with the music but also the title and topic alongside the power and passion his voice carries make it all the more meaningful to the listener as it is relatable and relevant. In Death From Above the first lyric is “f**k fascist” and the last lyrics are “this is dedicated to all you punk a***d pink a***d politician mother f*****s… die.” This one with the most prominent song for noticing of society hierarchy of the government which is followed by My Enemy which focuses again in on that we work till we die like our ancestors before us to feed the fat cat at the top of the ladder like “old greedy b*****d about to get another meal”. However many other lyrics such as “my people be dropping while you make another million” “enough to go round but you rather make a killin’” “it’s about who owns yah” “if you work hard enough to get to reap the benefits” and “dig you own ditch”. They all scream out to the unfair terms and condition the political and societal world had us tied in to. Not to mention that it doesn’t matter about the people at the bottom of the pyramid and the ones who have passed before us to get us where we are but as long as the man at the top is well off that’s all that matters in twisted hypocritical logic.

The artists manged to get one of their inspirations in on two of their more venting songs. The one and only Vincent Price from BODY COUNT in Guns Blazing and Leave No Man Behind which are very much down to point and self-explanatory and make far too much sense to not be classes as lyrical genius. Although I will admit, I do love Black Light due to the sheer talent of both artists and the fun expressed in this one it puts the biggest smile on my face. With all this combine it must be 100% 10/10 from me.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Zoe Stone

Dead Nation is out now.

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