ALBUM REVIEW: Illusory – Crimson Wreath

With this anti-war and unfortunate loss of life topic in this masterpiece, even with a sorrowful and melodic tune and rhythm it still has a metal fire lit behind it. It comes through at an unexpected time but due to the way it has been composed it completely binds together in this audio magic. Each … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Illusory – Crimson Wreath

ALBUM REVIEW: Reality Grey – Beneath This Crown

If you want metal, harmony, raw feeling, something you can’t get out of your head and will haunt, follow and entice you then I have something you can’t help but fall in love with. You desire an eclectic style that transpires into your being? Then look no further than REALITY GREY. You want a whole … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Reality Grey – Beneath This Crown

ALBUM REVIEW: Misstress – Resurrected

Well I must admit as a shock rock/horror glam genre, MISSTRESS didn’t disappoint and kept true to the nature and feel of the genre. However with a few of the tracks I was at first a-taken back as it was a shock to the system but in the best way, I could not have asked … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Misstress – Resurrected