ALBUM REVIEW: Imaginature – Imaginature

As the global pandemic starts to ease and there are signs of normality returning so too are we as music fans gifted with a huge number of releases to feast upon. One such offering comes in the form of the debut release from Poland’s IMAGINATURE. The band formed in 2015 and their name came about by merging the words imagine and nature together. Their debut offering certainly conjures imaginative thoughts whilst exploring themes encountered within nature.

Atonement begins with an ethereal introduction before picking up pace with symphonic touches. There is the odd NIGHTWISH flare from time to time and a mighty guitar solo not dissimilar to those we all love from days gone by.

Edge is a grandiose power metal track. It is incredibly catchy throughout. This is certainly a track that fans of early SONATA ARCTICA will adore.

The title track is undoubtedly the centrepiece of the album. This is big and bold. It has some very descriptive lyrics such as “Discover deep within your soul, ancient writing on the scroll” If you are a fan of Symphonic Power metal this really should be the next track you listen to.

Shade Enchantress delicately builds up like a cinematic score with added bagpipes before switching pace to operatic vocals that are haunting and reflective of the songs content “shadows lurk, come to the sacred place”

The enlightening piano led introduction in Renegade is a total delight to listen to. There is a heavier direction with the gravelly vocals which do reflect the sense of foreboding within. It does compliment well alongside the orchestral sections.

Through The Cellar Door really has an AETERNITAS touch to it which is no bad thing at all. This is very grandiose and magnificent. There are some fine examples of harmonising between both the male and female vocals included here.

Near The End initially gripped me from the start. A very heavily led piano introduction with the gradual build up of the other instruments and touches of choral effects. Margo’s (MOYRA) vocals on offer here work wonders alongside the composition. This song covers the embrace of death: “now your time has come to die, when grim reaper comes and takes your hand.” What really confused me was the transition to guttural vocals. Whilst I appreciate guttural’s I don’t think they were of any benefit to this track.

As far as finale’s go Weather The Storm is exactly what you want. A full-on banger of a track that makes you want to sing along and bang your head and certainly conjures the image of the tempest. As this song comes to a close it certainly does generate the imagery of a dissipating storm.

There is lots going on here for a debut album and does seem more of a grower than an instant classic. The band certainly have no fears of experimenting and do compose some incredibly beautiful music. Whilst the band harness the power of several guest vocalists, it does feel more like a compilation album featuring several bands rather than just the one band. One may have to utilise their own imagination to understand which path the band are going to take going forwards.

Rating: 7/10

Words: Martin White

Imaginature is out now.

Find IMAGINATURE on Facebook.

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