ALBUM REVIEW: Eternal Silence – Timegate Anathema

2021 keep up with the brilliant releases within Symphonic Metal, next on this ever-growing list comes from Italian troupe ETERNAL SILENCE. They have released their latest instalment Timegate Anathema and it is something to cherish. This is my first experience of ETERNAL SILENCE and after listening to this Symphonic Metal gem, it won’t be my last either.

It wastes no time by kicking things off with The Way Of Time. First impressions? If you mixed NIGHTWISH’s music with the vocals from VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, this is what it would sound like. The majestic orchestrations and stunning choirs grabbed my attention instantly. The opener managed to hit with an impact and pique your interest what is to come next. Especially with different tempos and elements working so well together.

One of the most noticeable things about ETERNAL SILENCE is their solid consistency when it comes to writing and arranging brilliant melodies. There is a great variety of tracks that despite sounding different to each other, fit together beautifully as they keep to their core sound throughout.

The whimsical yet unpredictable music arrangements in Edge Of The Dream do well to emulate…well a dream, there is no other way to say. This track is empowering through this sweeping music arrangements and uplifting lyrics. It won’t just be at live shows where hair will be swishing majestically as you listen to this track.

Lonely is one of the ballads and it is beautiful. It’s a rarity these days for a track to literally stop me in my tracks so I can experience the whole thing with no distractions, and this is what this track does. The lighters and horns will be high in the air when this track is experienced live. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case already.

If Bonnie Tyler was part of a video game, Glide In The Air should give you an idea on what that would be like. Not that I’m complaining, I think it’s great. The melody is very similar sounding to Holding Out For A Hero, they don’t sound too similar so you can’t tell which is which. It’s a great and empowering track.

The delicate music arrangements in Firefly cleverly represent the warm glow of this creature. The stunning acoustic guitar riffs accompanying Marika Vanni’s beautiful voice is perfect for this. The lighters in the air when this is played live will even give the effect of fireflies around the venue.

The band keep up with the brilliant consistency right up until album closer Red Death Masquerade. The majestic yet sinister tones the track gives off cleverly emulate a masquerade where the guests are likely to be slaughtered and killed any moment. The infamous Red Wedding from Game Of Thrones comes to mind here. It’s the song equivalent of a cliff hanger, what’s going to happen next?

Timegate Anathema is a symphonic metal treasure that needs to be cherished. As I have mentioned before, this is my first-time experience ETERNAL SILENCE and thanks to the beautiful consistency on this record, it won’t be my last.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Timegate Anathema is out now.

Find ETERNAL SILENCE on Facebook.

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