ALBUM REVIEW: Crusade Of Bards – Tales Of The Seven Seas

Are you ready for a voyage of discovery and wonder? No one ever is but trust me, you will want to be a part of this journey. CRUSADE OF BARDS are due to release their latest account Tales Of The Seven Seas and it is one to experience.

Pirates Of The Caribbean comes to mind when I listen to atmospheric instrumental Anari. It’s a great way to rally fellow pirates onto this voyage.

The Northwest Passage is a great first full-length track to start off the voyage. The harmonies between band’s vocalists Eleanor Tenebre and Eduardo Guilló along with guest vocalist Lady Ani are fantastic. The majestic symphonic arrangements capture the excitement and adventurous feelings very well.

The excellent guitar riffs and grand symphonic arrangements in An Ocean Between Us:  Part III – A New World do a great job of the waves crashing against the rocks.

The ambient sounds of an old time marketplace works at the start of Dunkirk Privateers. If XANDRIA became pirates, this track will give you an idea of what that would sound like. The brilliant keyboard riffs bring NIGHTWISH song Stargazers to mind. The melody in this track is fantastic.

THERION track Leviathan came to mind when listening to Vento Aureo. This is due to the similar style of vocal work and melody structure. Not that it’s a bad thing as that is a great track. They don’t sound too similar that you can’t tell them apart.

If NIGHTWISH composed the soundtrack to Pirates Of The Caribbean, Naupaktos will give you an idea. It’s an interesting and unusual melody that keeps you on your toes.

The fun folky instrumental Manti is a great lead up to The Red Charade. The Red Charade was the first song I heard by CRUSADE OF BARDS as it’s one of the singles. It was the fun and epic sounding melody that drew me to the band.

Hasard is a brilliant telling of the calm before the storm. It starts of calm and serene before the distortion ramps up and the storm hits.

Samudr Ka Mandir is a beautiful track allow things to calm down before the voyage starts up again. If this track was part of a film, this would be the part where the crew would be sitting on the ship or around an island campfire reflecting on their voyage so far.

Lies And Ashes is the second single to be released for this album and it’s a power/symphonic metal fan’s dream track. This is due to the majestic arrangements and a guest appearance from Power Metal legend Fabio Lione on guest vocals.

The vast and brave arrangements in Leap Of Faith do well to emulate the title. There are hints of anticipation and fear tinged with courage and bravery.

There is a Danny Elfman style instrumental arrangements throughout The White Witch that do well to entice the listener in. A character of the same name in The Chronicles Of Narnia does exactly the same thing and this track does well to capture these motives.

As Above, So Below is a great closing instrumental that encourages you to experience the voyage again.

The more I experience this voyage, the more I am board and grow to like it. Don the ships and hoist the anchor ready for the great adventure depicted in Tales Of The Seven Seas.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Tales Of The Seven Seas is due to set sail 18th February 2022 via Rockshots Records.

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