ALBUM REVIEW: Glasya – Attarghan

GLASYA have been on the scene since 2017 and I have recently come across them. They are being hailed uprising visionaries of the Mediterranean Symphonic metal scene and judging from the stunning sounds from their upcoming tale Attarghan, it’s easy to see why that is.

The title track contains opening narration with dramatic symphonies and it is the perfect way to open this record. The majestic choirs displaying sorrow and desperation in their voices bring the song Deliver Us from The Prince Of Egypt to mind.

If NIGHTWISH songs The Poet And The Pendulum and Dark Chest Of Wonders meshed together, From Enemy To Hero gives you an idea on what it would sound like. The addition of TEMPERANCE vocalist Marco Pastorino is a brilliant one, his raspy tones compliment the sirenesque operatic stylings from Eduarda Soeiro perfectly.

Way To Victory is a majestic and empowering track. It’s one of those ear worms where reading the title will see it swimming in your head for days. Due to its uplifting power, this is one of my favourite tracks on the record.

The vast sounding Retaliation brings images of being in a large desert. It’s a song about not giving up and coming together. Everything about this track emulates strength.

First Taste Of Freedom is a stunning track. When you experience what it states in the title, it’s a strange feeling and you don’t quite know what to do. Each aspect of this song does well to capture what this may feel like, the guest vocals from CHAOS MAGIC’s Caterina Nix adds to the brilliance of this track.

The majestic arrangements in Journey To Akhbar bring blockbuster The Mummy to mind. The three sets of vocal work complement each other incredibly well here.

Queen’s Temptation is mainly dialogue and music, it works incredibly well in this sense as it allows you to really immerse into the storytelling of this album.

Influences from Hans Zimmer can clearly be heard in Battle For Trust. This track wouldn’t be out of place in an epic fantasy film as this would provide the perfect backing for a battle scene.

The contents of The Sound Of 10,000 Feet Marching emulates what’s going on incredibly well. The Battle Of Helm’s Deep from Lord Of The Rings comes to mind when listening to this track.

In the song Within The Sandstorm, EPICA are brought to mind due to the vocal stylings. This track contains some brilliant riffs.

We Weren’t Meant To Be is beautiful; there are hints of love and sadness displayed here for what’s going on in this part of the story. This track wouldn’t be out of place in a Broadway/West End Musical due to the stunning arrangements. This is another one of my personal favourite tracks.

At The Empire’s Gate is a track of dialogue that works in this sense and again allows you to immerse in the album’s storytelling.

METALLICA and NIRVANA come to mind at the beginning of Eye To Eye, Sword By Sword due to similar sounding guitar riffs; in particular the songs Enter Sandman and Come As You Are. This is before the transition to majestic symphonies that do well to emulate the battle that is taking place.

A New Era Has Come is last full length track that emulates hope and victory the rebels must be feeling after a great triumph.

The Legend Lives On provides a great outro. It’s a grand conclusion that makes you want to experience the whole album again.

This was a brilliant first experience of GLASYA and I will be keeping them on my radar. I highly recommend them if you like the bands and composers I have mentioned. Attarghan isn’t just an album, it’s an epic tale that you will fully immerse into.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Attarghan will be released 18th February 2022 via Scarlet Records.

Find GLASYA on Facebook.

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