WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Lotty’s Album Of The Month March 2022

Orden Ogan – Ravenhead

I watched ORDEN OGAN live at the beginning of the month and it was a bit of milestone. It was the first live show I had attended where I didn’t feel anxious or worried about Covid and it felt like going back to a somewhat normal life. I mean I had been to live shows leading up to this one, this was the first I was able to let go and not worry. They opened up with instrumental Orden Ogan followed by personal favourite F.E.V.E.R, these both fill me with joy as I am transported back to that moment of the show where I felt elated and happy to be back at a live show. Completely immersed without a care in the world.

I found myself going back to this album a lot in the past few weeks and have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite ORDEN OGAN record so far. From the sombre tones of Too Soon to the fist pumping Sorrow Is Your Tale, each track captivates you. This album has something to suit whatever mood you are feeling that day.

Note: expect the urge to sing along at the top of your lungs when experiencing this record.

Find ORDEN OGAN on Facebook.

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