WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Martin’s Album Of The Month March 2022

Fury – Born To Sin

Whilst this album only came out last week, I have wholeheartedly been enjoying it all month long. The fourth studio album by FURY is a blistering assault on the senses from start to finish. There is a wide variety of influences that come to fruition throughout which enables this release to target and appeal to the masses.

Whilst listening to Born to Sin, I was largely reminded of the legend of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil at the crossroads, Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare album and the best epics that Jim Steinman composed which allowed FURY to not only deliver an album that whilst crafted from the roots of the genre it was extremely refreshing and only gets better with additional listens.

I really enjoyed reviewing this album and I am excited to see the band on tour in the next couple of weeks to see how these songs transition across into a live setting.

You can read my review here.

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