ALBUM REVIEW: Unwanted Guest – Grave Metallum

UNWANTED GUEST is the solo project of SEVENTH SON guitarist Dave Fox which is receiving praise from fans and critics alike. If the brilliant sounds from debut album Grave Metallum are anything to go by, it’s easy to see why that is.

There’s no messing around when opening with Autopsy. First impressions? There are slick guitar riffs within the music. The sound is straight to the point and no nonsense. Take the music from QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and the soaring vocal stylings of ALTER BRIDGE, you then get the sounds of UNWANTED GUEST. It was a great way to start the record.

This was the first physical review copy of an album I have received in a long time. Usually, I place it on my laptop and put in on my iPod, so I can quickly glance at the track names. This time, I tried a different approach, I played it in the car on journeys to and from my day job and doing errands. At this point, I had no idea what the track titles were and listening to these exciting sounds made me more eager to find out what the tracks were called.

The album itself contains a great array of hard rock goodness that make you want to head bang, summon that air guitar and dance wherever you happen to be. It’s also important to remain vigilant when experiencing this release as you never quite know what’s coming around the corner. Below are a few examples of what this excellent album has to offer.

The title track is a fantastic tribute to musicians that we have lost over the years. It opens with audio samplings of news broadcastings stating the names of different musicians who have passed. The haunting spookiness within the music arrangements makes me think if this was a music video, it would take place in a haunted house where each of our fallen music idols have risen to bestow on us the concert of a lifetime.

If KASABIAN and GHOST created a track, it would sound something like Future Not Fear. As well as adding a riff sounding similar to LED ZEPPELIN classic Immigrant Song. This is due to the funky beats it gives off, the vast vocals and retro organ melodies that take us back. The melody of this track is simple and straight to the point.

Whether it be at your local gig venue experiencing it live or rocking out to it in your living room, Takin’ All The Money will be the track that will get everyone singing and dancing to their hearts content. Air guitarists and lip syncers worldwide will be rejoicing with this track as there are plenty of ample opportunities to show off those skills in this track.

It ends in a no-nonsense fashion with closer Every Part Of Me. It’s a thought-provoking track that contains interesting lyrics such as “Every part of me, takes the form of everything I have ever known” and “I’m the only stranger in this land”. It allows you to reflect on what you have listened to before going around again.

Grave Metallum is a strong debut from a promising upcoming rock band. UNWANTED GUEST have achieved showing a variety within a debut which is quite a feat, they are ones to watch out for.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Grave Metallum is out now.

Find UNWANTED GUEST on Facebook.

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