Before we reveal the latest playlist, would like to apologise for this one being a few days late due to being away for Easter Weekend. Without further ado, here is what’s on this edition of the list.

There have been new album releases from ANGEL NATION, SEMBLANT, TRICK OR TREAT and MORS PRINCIPUM EST so songs from each of these releases can be found on the list.

GLASYA, SCHANDMAUL, THUNDERMOTHER, SERIOUS BLACK, BETH BLADE AND THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS, Floor Jansen, Melissa Bonny, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS and RAMMSTEIN all released new singles within the last two weeks. THE DARKSTAR CALLING released their own rendition of DURAN DURAN classic Come Undone.

Richie Blackmore, Sebastian Bach, Udo Dirkschneider, Arjen Anthony Lucassen and Michele Guaitoli all celebrated birthdays so songs from their respective bands/former bands are on the list.

That’s all for now, see you on the next one.


Thundermother – Watch Out
Temperance – Of Jupiter And Moons
Serious Black – Tonight I’m Ready To Fight
Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Sin Eater
Angel Nation – We Are Fire
Trick Or Treat – Escape From Reality
Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
Ayreon – Everybody Dies
Glasya – Way To Victory
Deep Purple – Highway Star
U.D.O – Man And Machine
Poets Of The Fall – Requiem For My Harlequin
Schandmaul feat. Saltatio Mortis and Feuerschwanz – Konigsgarde
Mors Principium Est – The Unborn
Semblant – The Human Eclipse
The Darkstar Calling feat. Fabiola Simac – Come Undone
Floor Jansen – Fire
Melissa Bonny feat. Adrian Thessenvitz – Out In The Real World
Rammstein – Zick Zack
Visions Of Atlantis – Melancholy Angel

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