WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Lotty’s Album Of The Month April 2022

Ghost – Impera

It was a tough choice between two albums for my album of the month as they were both hugely helpful in different ways. I had an unexpected family bereavement happen a month ago; whilst I knew it was important to keep on going and focus on the positives, I learnt it’s also important to acknowledge when you’re feeling sad and lonely.

Due to the melancholic tones of GHOST’s latest offering Impera, it provided that much needed comfort. I know what some of you might be thinking, why am I listening to a sombre album when I am feeling low? I will tell you why, it’s really helpful listening to an album that matches what you’re feeling. It’s reassurance that I am not alone.

I have had this album on loop since buying it and there are no fillers, each song plays a significant part in this record. My personal favourites include the beautiful sombreness in Call Me Little Sunshine, vast sounding anthem Darkness At The Heart Of My Love, the unpredictability in Twenties, the strong melody in Griftwood and of course Halloween Kill’s infectious theme song Hunter’s Moon.

Impera is a great album from start to finish, in fact it’s a strong contender for album of the year and it’s only April.  

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