READER’S CHOICE: Songs That Would Save You From Vecna’s Curse

“Music can reach parts of the brain that words can’t.”

This was a quote used in the latest series of Strangers Things and it’s very true. Music plays a huge part in this series as it’s key to saving the characters effected from dark forces. It is shown literally in this latest series and it’s done brilliantly.

So, for this Rock Out Stand Out’s Reader’s Choice; we asked our readers what songs would save them from Vecna’s Curse. Here is what they picked.


“Zephyr” by Countless Skies. It contains the line “Brighter days will come” towards the end, that means a lot to me. Got it tattooed this spring.


Masters of the World, no matter how much life kicks me down, no matter how shit things get, no matter how dark the day is, it’s the one song that can keep me going on to hell and back.


Dynazty – Waterfall. Nils Molin said in an interview that the song is actually about determination and following lyrics are empowering to me. “

“This time I will decide, ‘Cause fate, Is not without a sense of irony, I shut my eyes and now I clearly see, What it means to be free”


Probaly Poet And The Pendulum by Nightwish purely for these lines: “Forgive me, I have but two faces, One for the world, One for God save me

Just that sometimes I can present two faces when I’m down.

Which songs would have saved you from Vecna’s Curse? Let us know in the comments below.

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