WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Lotty’s Honourable Mentions

Before the last playlist of the year is revealed, here are my honourable mentions.

Grailknights: Muscle Bound For Glory

Flex those muscules, don those capes and get ready to battle the evil Dr Skull in Muscle Bound For Glory, the latest escapade from GRAILKNIGHTS. This album is a real treat for all things fun, uplifting and heroic. This album contains a great array of chapters including Turbo Boost, Fall Of A Kingdom and Lights. Where else are you going to find an album with track titles Pinball Death Machine and Skyward Thunder Punch? You will hear those on this latest record. If this album doesn’t persuade you to become a part of their Battle Choir, I don’t know what will.

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Symphonity – Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack

When I heard they were due to headline Power Metal Quest Fest, I was curious to check them out so their latest album Marco Polo:  The Metal Soundtrack was a logical place to start. The different chapters through this metal rendition of the account of Marco Polo each grab your attention and take you on a spectacular journey. It’s a complex record filled with many different elements yet if you were to read one of the track names, it’s in your head for days after reading the track name. Want to learn more about a historical figure through a record of grand symphonies and great metal? Give this album a spin.

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Anthea – Tales Untold

ANTHEA’s debut album caught my attention a couple of years ago so was naturally intrigued when they released their latest record Tales Untold. From the opening notes of the title track, I was quickly reminded why I was interested in the first place. Imagine if NIGHTWISH and KAMELOT had love child with growls, this should give you an idea of what their sound is like. Highlight tracks for me include Song For Winter, Sapiens, Memoriam, Looking Glass and Empyeran. This band are ones to watch out for and this album is proof of that.

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SheWolf – SheWolf

This album had been on my radar for a while but only came across it recently. Different friends had praised this album and after listening to it myself, I can see why. The debut is filled with adventurous tunes that will unleash that inner warrior (or wolf) within you. These great melodies come in the form of songs such as The One You Feed, Lone Wolf, Nothing Is Forever and Thrill Of The Chase. They are another clan to look out for and this solid debut is proof of this.

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Glasya – Attarghan

I will never forget the opening of this magnificent album; it took you along for a great tale whether you were ready for it or not. GLASYA had been around for a while, Attarghan was my first taste of them and I found myself wanting more. This majestic adventure takes you through an array of chapters including the heroic From Enemy To Hero, the beautiful ballad We Weren’t Meant To Be, The Sound Of 10,000 Feet Marching that will prepare you for battle and many more.

It was that good, it got one of my rare track by track reviews which you can read here.

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Stay tuned for the final playlist of the year.

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