ALBUM REVIEW: Saint Deamon – League Of The Serpent

Even though Power Metal troupe SAINT DEAMON have been around since 2006, they are a recent discovery to me. They are due to release their upcoming chapter League Of The Serpent which is a tale of twists and turns yet you are happy to take part in this great voyage. This is also my first experience with this majestic band and one that has converted me to a fan. Join me as I tell you a tale on how that came to be.

It begins with At Break Of Dawn, one of the first singles to be released. From the chanting to the gallant beats this track displays, it wastes no time convincing listeners and long-time fans to join the journey. I often say great opening tracks either hit with an impact or lure you in and At Break Of Dawn drags you along for the ride whether you are ready for it or not.

It’s rare for me to take to new albums by bands I haven’t listened to these days and this one kept me coming back repeatedly. Each melody packs a punch and they display a variety of what SAINT DEAMON have to offer. Below are some examples of this.

Speaking of the album singles, I am personally glad they released Load Your Cannons as their latest one. Imagine if HAMMERFALL’s Hearts On Fire collaborated with the Power Rangers Theme tune, this should give you a rough idea of how that sounds. It was described as extremely catchy in the press release and I wholeheartedly agree.

Now onto those album tracks that haven’t been released as singles or are yet to be. Fans of Hard Rock and Power Metal will be rejoicing at the track The Final Fight. It has those dancing beats that make you want to sway your hips to and the best elements of power metal. You will feel energised and ready to go when you have experienced this song. I am a fan of both these styles so this classes as one of my personal favourite tracks, it’s one you can lose yourself into.

If a power metal track was written for Stranger Things, Lord Of The Night would be it. This would be down to the eighties sounding synthesisers and motivational melody. This song would be playing in a part where the gang are fighting against all sorts of creatures such as demogorgons.

Due to the pumping beats and attention-grabbing choral arrangements, Raise Hell is bound to be that anthem at live shows and festivals. It also has lyrics that are easy to learn in time for whenever you experience them live or if you want to lip sync to them.

It closes with one last triumphant farewell with their closer They Call Us Deamons. By the time this track came around, I was amazed and mindblown how quickly this album flew. I wanted to experience the whole thing again and again.

Whether you are a new adventure or a long time quester, League Of The Serpent is a marvellous adventure that will fulfil your adventurous needs and longing. It’s also solid proof that SAINT DEAMON are ones that I ought to be keeping a closer eye out for.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

League Of The Serpent is out 21st April 2023 via AFM Records.

Find SAINT DEAMON on Facebook.

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