Another month has passed which means it’s time for a new edition of the Rock Out Stand Out Playlist and as always, there are a lot of exciting additions. 

AD INFINITUM, POWERWOLF, and KAMELOT all have new albums out and are featured on this month’s list. LINKIN PARK has also released a 20th-anniversary edition of Meteora, a landmark album in the early 00s. The album features a 2nd disc of live tracks from a recording in Texas. It’s hard to believe that Chester Bennington passed way back in 2017, but his bandmates continue to preserve his memory through the band’s iconic music. Chester’s passing is a reminder of the importance of openly talking about mental health. Additionally, there’s new pirate metal as East Midland’s based band, RED RUM, has launched their new album, Book Of Legends. 

There are also a host of great singles from metal powerhouses including TWILIGHT FORCE, FEUERSCHWANZ, and BLOODBOUND. Power metal darlings, BATTLE BORN have released another new single which you can listen to on the playlist.

The last mention goes to ROCKER’S UNITED, a special charity song featuring a number of popular German musicians including DORO, ELECTRIC CALLBOY, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, GOTTHARD, SALTATION MORTIS, GUERNICIA MANCINI, and, LEAGUE OF DESTRUCTION. ROCKER’S UNITED’S main mission is to take a stance against the ongoing war in Ukraine, which you’ll be able to hear throughout the lyrics. Find out more about the German collective here. 

Steve Harris, Dee Schneider, Udo Dirksnieder, Roy Khan, and Arjen Anthony Lucassen have all celebrated their birthdays this month. Steve Harris is currently on the, The Days of Future Past Tour, which will be coming to the UK in June/July. 

That’s it for April, see you in May! 


Frozen Crown – Fire In The Sky
Galactikraken – Starship Velocirpator
HammerFall – Riders Of The Storm
Sirenia – Twist In My Sobriety
Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast
Burning Witches – Unleash The Beast
The Silent Rage – The Serpent Lord
Reasons Behind – Heart Begins To Break
Powerwolf – Wolves Of War
Twisted Sister – The Kids Are Back
U.D.O – Man And Machine
Conception – By The Blues
Twilight Force – The Sapphire Dragon Of Arcane Might Is Back Again
Delain – Moth To A Flame
Ad Infinitum – The Underworld
Storm Seeker – Miles And Miles
Kamelot feat. Melissa Bonny – New Babylon
Ayreon – Everybody Dies
Feuerschwanz feat. Fabienne Erni – Bastard Von Asgard
Rockers United – Stop The War (Fight For Love)
Saltatio Mortis – Taugenichts
Omnium Gatherum – Slasher
Winterstorm – Future Times
Eleine – We Are Legion
Bloodbound – 1066
Battle Born – Dragon Heart
Red Rum – We Pirates
Saint Deamon – Load Your Cannons
Metalite – Take My Hand
Linkin Park – Fighting Myself

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