WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Lotty’s Albums Of The Month – March 2023

Well, this has been a first for me. Being so stumped between two albums to choose between for my album of the month. They are both completely different styles of music yet both contain a portfolio of brilliantly put together ear worms and I have found myself going back to these albums repeatedly. In fact, these albums have caught my attention that much that I could be in the middle of your usual every day tasks and songs from each of these albums would randomly pop into my head. So it only seemed logical to name them both as my albums of the month for March. Here they are and a bit more detail about them.

Nanowar Of Steel – Dislike To False Metal

The moment I started to listen to this album, I knew this was a no brainer to pick this for one of my albums of the month. It’s rare for me to keep going back to a review promo only available for streaming these days but Dislike To False Metal kept calling me back to experience the mismatched and fun journey of music. Personal favourites include the SABATON-esque Pasedena 1994, the wacky rock n’ roll in Dimmu Boogie, the South American trip during Chupacabra Cadabra and of course the battle like chants in Metal Boomer Batallion. Whilst I have my personal favourites, there isn’t a track I dislike on this album. If you have a sense of humour and like a wide array of metal, give this album a whirl.

You can read more detail in my review of the album by clicking here and you can hear more about specific tracks in my interview with Gatto Panceri 666 by clicking here.

Find NANOWAR OF STEEL on Facebook.

Negatory Effect – Never Trust A Tuesday

A friend of mine messaged me about a band he was part of and naturally when friends tell me about bands they are part of, I am always intrigued and offer to do what I can to help get their music across to people. Given we met in the power metal circuit, he explained it was very different to what we’re both used to. When I pressed play, I was a mix of confused yet in awe. If want to hear an audio example of organised chaos, NEGATORY EFFECT’s Never Trust A Tuesday is it. This a portfolio of earworms will be in your head for weeks after initially listening to these assorted tracks. Even reading or thinking about the song titles will place them in your head. It taught me to embrace the unknown and step out of my comfort zone to try something different. Don’t expect to sit still whilst this album plays.

You can read more of my thoughts of the album in my review here. If you wish to know more how the minds of NEGATORY EFFECT work, click here to read my interview with Jethro and Lokisson.

Find NEGATORY EFFECT on Facebook.

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