NEWS: ZENITH MOON – Release their new single Going Under

ZENITH MOON release their new single 'Going Under', out now on Golden Robot Records. Do you ever wonder what would happen if Led Zeppelin went home with the Baby Animals and Aretha Franklin after a wine mixer? That beautiful night would surely bring into existence a delicious love child named ZENITH MOON. Stream/buy 'Going Under' here:  Find ZENITH MOON on Facebook.

ALBUM REVIEW: Anvil – Legal At Last

I’ve been a big fan of heavy metal for so many years. ANVIL have been an important presence on the scene since the 1980s. These legends are due to release their upcoming album Legal At Last and it’s the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for any metalheads! The album kicks off with the title track, what … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Anvil – Legal At Last

NEWS: GILBY CLARKE – Release new single Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Getting Louder

In the world of Rock, GILBY CLARKE needs no introduction. From crunching legendary chords on his beloved Gibson guitar in the stadiums with Guns N’ Roses, to getting down into the Snakepit to with his GNR buddy Slash, gracing our TV Screens on the widely watched rock reality show Rockstar: Supernova or creating pure, heartfelt rock music as a … Continue reading NEWS: GILBY CLARKE – Release new single Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Getting Louder

NEWS: DYNAZTY – Released their new single Presence Of Mind

Dynazty DYNAZTY release their new single 'Presence Of Mind' on January 30th, this is the first track taken from their upcoming album THE DARK DELIGHT, due for release on 3rd April on AFM Records. . ”Presence Of Mind' showcases the raw nature of our band and is just the kind of groovy and melodic onslaught of a song … Continue reading NEWS: DYNAZTY – Released their new single Presence Of Mind

ALBUM REVIEW: Serious Black – Suite 226

Power metal lovers! Join me for a listening journey of a tale that is sorrowful and compelling in nature. Suite 226 is a concept album that tells a tale of a mentally confused man who is torn between his own dreamworld, reality and evil. He has been held captive for many years in the dismal. … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Serious Black – Suite 226

NEWS: ANVIL – Release their official music video for single Legal At Last

ANVIL have released their new music video 'Legal At Last', the title track from their upcoming album. “Legal At Last is our way of telling the public: ‘It’s okay, Anvil are okay, you’re allowed to like us at last!’ ”states Lips. You can check out their new video below:

ALBUM REVIEW: A Life Divided – Echoes

The eighties is easily my favourite decade of music, particularly when it comes to rock. So when modern bands bring the exciting and bold sounds from this decade to the present day, my interest is piqued already. The latest band I have come across that gives this reminiscent vibe is German Electro Rockers A LIFE … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: A Life Divided – Echoes

ALBUM REVIEW: Lordi – Killection

One of Finland’s finest hard rock/ heavy metal bands and one of the best bands ever to win the Eurovision song contest back in 2006. LORDI are back with a great album. The album starts off with a radio representation intro called Radio SCG 10. I find this rather unique since you don’t get this … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Lordi – Killection