ALBUM REVIEW: Scarecrow – Splatterpunk

Crawling out of the tombs like some bastard offspring of ABBATH and WEDNESDAY13, Splatterpunk is the latest offering from Finland’s SCARECROW. The band rose from the crypt back in 2002 and have been consistently delighting us with tales of horror orientated metalpunk ever since! Splatterpunk features sixteen metalpunk tracks with touches of Black and Extreme … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Scarecrow – Splatterpunk

ALBUM REVIEW: Ulthima – Symphony Of The Night

It's no secret that Finland is one of the homelands of metal music. Legends from this holy land include NIGHTWISH, AMORPHIS and ENSIFERUM are just some bands on this long list. It's clear newcomers ULTHIMA will be joining this list of icons and this is from the sounds of their debut album Symphony Of The … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Ulthima – Symphony Of The Night