YOUR STORIES: My View – Looking Out From The Inside

Note from the author: The following article was written at the peak of my worst ever mental collapse. It had been building for many years, and the wave that I’d been riding came crashing down, taking me with it. Since writing this, I have truly accepted that it’s ok to not be ok, and that … Continue reading YOUR STORIES: My View – Looking Out From The Inside

YOUR STORIES: Lessons For After Lockdown

This story comes from editor-in-chief Lotty Whittingham. It's no secret that lockdown due to COVID-19 has caused lots of anguish and worry. She wrote about how lockdown effected her mental wellbeing and what she wishes to continue with after restrictions are lifted. During lockdown, my mental health has really been like a roller coaster. I … Continue reading YOUR STORIES: Lessons For After Lockdown

YOUR STORIES: The Hidden Year

It's Mental Health Awareness Week, over the next few days we will be sharing some stories from some brave individuals about living with mental illness or ill mental health. This story comes from someone who has suffered depression throughout their life. They speak about a particular year of their life that they have kept hidden. … Continue reading YOUR STORIES: The Hidden Year