ALBUM REVIEW: Myrath – Shehili

MYRATH means legacy in Arabic and a legacy is what they will leave. They have a remarkable fusion of grand melodies and profound lyrics. This has earnt them recognition and respect from fans and critics alike. The Tunisian Progressive Metal quintet are due to release their fifth studio album Shehili. They chose to take a different approach with this record whilst sticking to that iconic sound they are best known for.

The album doesn’t waste time introducing the listeners to their signature sound. Both Asl (Intro) and Born To Survive work together well to lure the listener into the album. Asl (Intro) is atmospheric and takes you straight to the desert. This transitions into the powerful opening Born To Survive, which encourages you to stay and listen on. Before you know it, you are taken on an incredible journey and have no intention of looking back.

As mentioned previously, Shehili takes an innovative approach. For this album, they went on to establish contrasts between uplifting melodies and profound, heart breaking lyrics. They manage to do this and stay true to their signature sound.

A great example of this is demonstrated in their powerful single Dance. This song tells the story of a Syrian dancer who faced death threats from ISIS but she chose to keep dancing. Vocalist Zaher Zorgati stated that the purpose of their music is to induce happiness and joy whilst paying tribute to those who refuse to fall or to stop hoping. Even in a world filled with hatred and uncertainty. Dance, alongside the others on the album, fulfil this purpose greatly and this can be heard within the influential music.

The pounding and atmospheric introduction to Monster In My Closet is more than enough to entice the listener right in. The rest of the track contains majestic melodies, slick guitar work and dominant vocal work. Lyrics such as “my guilty thoughts are going back and fourth” and “I will wait for the sun, for my demons to run” can mean the song is about facing those inner demons at night. Monster In My Closest being the metaphor for those insecurities. That’s at least one interpretation.

One word for the song Stardust:  stunning. Everything about this track is simply beautiful. The song contains different elements that work together profusely. They work together so well that the track requires your undivided attention to appreciate every detail. From the piano at the beginning to the grand chorus, Stardust is a highlight of the album.

It ends on a triumphant note with the title track. It gives the listener one last blast of the band’s impeccable talent of creating uplifting melodies that showcase profound lyrics. This song is about wanting to feel free and the soaring musical arrangements demonstrate well. Everything from the guitar solos to the choral accompaniment ensures the listener gets one last blast. More importantly, leaving them wanting more.

Shehili is a remarkable journey that ought to be treasured and praised. It’s one that provides true escapism. Judging from the strength of the album, it is more than safe to say MYRATH’s legacy will live on.

Rating:  9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Shehili is out tomorrow via EarMusic.

Find MYRATH on Facebook, Twitter and their official website

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