Another two weeks have gone, which can mean only one thing. The playlist is updated.

Many exciting releases are now out; these include singles from Arion, Those Damn Crows, Massive Wagons, A New Tomorrow, Seven Spires, Delain, Sons Of Apollo and Jorn. To honour Remembrance Day a couple of weeks ago, Sabaton released a lyric video for In Flanders Field. So you find all these on the playlist.

There have been some album releases from the likes of Leah, Crystal Viper, Magic Kingdom, Battlesword and SuidAkrA. Not forgetting the new release of Eleine’s new EP. Our staff have reviewed each of these albums and picked their favourite songs from the respective records to the playlist.

Amon Amarth and Arch Enemy appear in the UK next week for their tour so a song from respective bands are on this list.

We have had birthdays in Camp Wind Rose, Gloryhammer and Dark Sarah so a classic song of theirs is on the list.

Enjoy this list and look forward to the next one.


Amon Amarth – Father Of The Wolf
Battlesword – Bloodmorning
Those Damn Crows – Be You
Crystal Viper – Under Ice
Leah – Puer Natus
Dark Sarah (feat. JP Leppäluoto) – Dance With The Dragon
Jorn – Lonely Nights
Gloryhammer – Angus Mcfife
Wind Rose – To Erebor
Arion – No One Stands In My Way
Massive Wagons – Fight The System
Delain – One Second
Arch Enemy – War Eternal
Seven Spires – Succumb
Magic Kingdom – Rise From The Ashes, Demon
A New Tomorrow – A Million Stars
SuidAkrA – Morrigan
Eleine – Enemies
Sons Of Apollo – Goodbye Divinity
Sabaton – In Flanders Field

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