ALBUM REVIEW: Magic Kingdom – MetAlmighty

MAGIC KINGDOM, an impressive name for a metal band. The name instantly conjures up Sword and Sorcery in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons or other epic fantasy tales. MAGIC KINGDOM are a power metal band from Belgium originally formed in 1998 by guitarist Dushan Petrossi and latest offering MetAlmighty is their fifth album release.

Unleash the Dragon is the album opener. It is epic (clocking in at just short of 9 minutes!) and akin to a fantasy film score that builds into an instant classic. It is a strong premise for the rest of the album to follow.

Wizards and Witches starts with a bass solo intro, which gets an instant like from me with being a bassist myself. The song is fast and melodic throughout with the bass playing a big part in this song. There are good harmonies with the backing vocals playing into a choral-like effect. This is one of the single releases from the album.

In the Den of the Mountain Trolls musically reminds me of a vintage BLIND GUARDIAN track which isn’t a bad comparison at all. Nice catchy melodies and akin to a medieval music style. The song title itself just reminds also of the classical piece In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg, I wonder if there was some inspiration from this piece of music?

Fear My Fury is easily a song that will go down well live and certainly a sensible choice for a single. Fast-paced tempo, epic guitar solo and the perfect opportunity for headbanging, sing-alongs amongst fans and crowd interaction. “Under fire, now you will die in agony… Fear My Fury!”

Rise From The Ashes, Demon has a mystic and somewhat oriental guitar element to the start of the song, that you could imagine ORPHANED LAND utilising this. It continues with a choral, the guitars and drums building over the top of them. It reminds me of a Necromancer or Evil Sorcerer performing unholy arcane rituals ready to unleash evil upon the world. A fantastic tale indeed.

MetAlmighty is the title track and what a song to utilise for the album name. It is incredible from the offset and is no-nonsense power metal. With lyrical examples such as Into the fire, his soul was forged…Whose to blame now its too late? The master was forever free!” this conjures a fantasy saga to span the ages and very much enjoyed as a single release from this album too.

So Fragile is one of the “softer” songs of the album and could imply that we may all feel like mighty warriors but it is also okay if we show we have chinks in our proverbial armour. “No one could ever know the end, no one could know when the time is come. We have to struggle in this world, to the last goodbye. Life is so fragile” A very well thought out song indeed.

Temple of No Gods has an incredibly catchy chorus and a well-placed symphonic section partway through the track.

Just A Good Man features a weeping poignant guitar and a well-structured string section. This makes the listener step into the place of the narrator of the song to reflect on their life and what their experiences are in life and the voids left by loves ones when their light goes dim. “Goodbye my dear friend…”

With Dark Night, Dark Thoughts we return to the fast paced, power metal magic that we have experienced throughout the album and is catchy from the offset. “My Heart is black, Dark Night, Dark Thoughts.” Warriors! Dust off those air guitars and rock out!

King Without a Crown begins with what would say with a coronation procession piece, with regal symphonic sounds utilised efficiently. This is another one that you could argue is influenced by the music that would have been played in a medieval court. It is a good choice of song to bring the album to a close too as there is enough elements of the other songs on the album to tie it all together.

Magic Kingdom have conjured MetAlmighty into a fantasy fuelled Power Metal classic that reigns supreme.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Martin White

MetAlmighty is out now.

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