ALBUM REVIEW: Pyramid – Gold Tooth

Ladies and gentlemen! Lend me your horns for the golden metal triumph that will have you reaching for your air guitar

PYRAMID hails from New York USA and formed as a project band in 2017. Their discography includes their 2017 release Mi Rage and their latest album Gold Tooth was the second release. PYRAMID recorded all the music at Lance Sawyer’s (Bassist) own personal studio.

The commencement of this listening indulgence as follows.

The album starts with Calling. It begins with a powerful abundant crescendo of guitars by Adam Bentley. This is then followed by a haunting robust iron lung vocal by Dennis Anthony that carry seamlessly through the music. There is also a refreshing edition of breezy melodic keyboards by Joey Izzo. During my listening experience the musical style points out similarities of DREAM THEATRE.

Following isa fast-paced mix of adrenaline filled musical passion from keyboards to bongos. This piece seems to flow fast and smoothly the band sink their heart and devotion into this piece. You can feel through the intensity of the vocals and music.

Exuberant introduction in Driven containsblissful and carefree backing guitars, a passionate bass line and energetic vocals that project the song across beautifully. This piece I believe is too lengthy as I found my attention wander during the middle of the track.

Smooth mellow introduction of Fire is presented by a gentle rhythm of the guitar. The vocals communicates within the lyrics a deep and sorrowful tale. There are breath-taking and intricate guitar solos.

I love the beginning of Gold Tooth. There is aforceful and powerful bass in which I couldn’t hold back the urge to nod my head in enjoyment.  The unexpected twist was the haunting keyboard solo that produced a symphonic element to the song.The lyrics that grabbed my attention were “Echoes of the forgotten world follows the flood with such finesse”.

Brimstone contains astunning introduction track that builds up the atmosphere for the song. It contains fast paced guitars playing their haunting melody which gives this song a ballad potential. It has the ingredients to produce sorrowful, melodic and powerful effect. Dennis Anthony gives it the fire needed to cement it together.

Celestial has a mix of melodical and rock elements. It reminds me a lot of DREAM THEATRE once again. There are beautiful solos from the bass guitar that then leads to accompany Dennis Anthony through the track seamlessly.

Man is apowerful and furious track that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of being male. This song is full of powerful riffs and tight seamless drum solos. The rhythm is very catchy one again, I found myself nodding my head to the music.

Tyranny is aninstrumental track full of a variety of different instruments to keep your listening experience interesting, from keyboards to bass this song is a perfect ambient piece that is perfect to relax to after a hard day at the office

This release is purely recorded and produced by the band its rough around the edged, but this release shows the potential that the band has.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Becky Weale

Gold Tooth is out now.

Find PYRAMID on Facebook.

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