ALBUM REVIEW: Arcaine – As Life Decays

Calling all Melodic Death Metal fans. If you want to make your February the perfect month to listen to something new and fresh, I present to you ARCAINE and their upcoming album As Life Decays.

Now we’re off to a great intro to the album. You hear a gradual melodic build up via a guitar solo that builds into an intense offering. The guitar solo gets even louder and makes you feel like its building onto something exciting.

As Life Decays starts off with good guitar riffs and brilliant drumming. It then goes along with a nice guitar solo and amazing vocals, I feel like wanting to bop my head to this.

Relentless has fantastic drumming and superb guitar riffs at the beginning. It even has the great additional death growling to make the song more spectacular. As you listen to this song half way through, the drumming and the guitar speeds up and gets so intense. Adrian’s vocals are fantastic in this song.

Still Alive’s drumming and guitarsound to start off the song that lead onto Adrian’s vocals. The lyrics in this song are fantastic. It leads up to great guitar riffs, an immense guitar solo and aggressive drumming all to make the song all the more amazing to listen too.

Tyrants intro consists of a good guitar and drum sound with great use of slowing things down. This is done to lay the foundations of the track and nice guitar riffs with Adrian’s intense vocals. At times throughout the song it goes onto nice guitar riffs and good lyrics that fit well with the drumming and the guitar play.

Toxic Mankind has an aggressive beginning to the song with loud drumming, amazing guitar riffs and impressive vocals. It sounds so loud and proper brutal it could break my speakers.

Rebuild has one amazing way to start a song with brutal drumming; I feel this is the heaviest track on the album and I love the lyrics to this song. Adrian’s vocals and the drumming really makes this song perfect. This is one of my favourite tracks.

Dream has a slow start to the song that ends up leading to something interesting. Adrian’s vocals are amazing, I like how he goes from slow lyrics to fast lyrics with the singing. These work well to make this song outstanding. Got to give credit to the guitar riffs too, that’s another favourite part of this song.

Void closes the album. The guitar work and the drumming is spectacular in this one. I also Adrian’s vocal technique is this track, you can literally hear the whole band sing “Fly“. Also when I hear screaming throughout this song, I get this amazing guitar solo.

This whole album has won me over; it’s truly a brilliant release from the band. For all fans of Melodic Death metal, this is truly an album for you, as you get through this album you’ll be prepared for awesome vocals, drumming and melody.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Tom Lupton

As Life Decays is out tomorrow via Black Sunset/MDD.

Find ARCAINE on Facebook.

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