ALBUM REVIEW: Spell – Opulent Decay

Welcome to the incredible works of the quintessential rock band SPELL. This album is rich of tales from their art featuring the realm of nocturnal visions and fantasies. SPELL were formed in Vancouver Canada in 2013. The band are due to release their third studio album titled Opulent Decay very soon.

Psychic Death features Graham McGee’s fast paced, melodic guitars that leads us into the intro of this track. This track has a classic rock element to it, from the speed of the rhythm of the guitars to the smooth mellow beauty of Cam Mesmer’s vocals.

The title track comes alive with the lively rhythm of the guitars that compliments vocalist Cam perfectly. It’s an atmospheric track full of passion and harmony. There is a prominent seventies feel in this piece.

Sibyl Vane is an adrenaline filled piece with powerful guitar solos. It’s a well-orchestrated piece of art with so much talent. During this track a voice synth is used giving his vocals a mysterious echo during this piece.

Primrose Path leads us into this listening feast with an intro of energetic, seamless guitars. The atmospheric drumbeats give this song a raw edge. This song demonstrates a range of the emotions communicated by the band.

The Iron Wind features enjoyable guitar riffs during the intro. This track features catchy powerful vocals that are bound to perk the listener’s attention. A surprising addition to this piece was a melodic backing singer that gave a pleasant twist.

Dawn Wanderer has adrenaline filled guitar riffs that fuse together perfectly. There are catchy passionate lyrics, ones that caught my attention were “when nothing else remains all I have is what I gave away”.

The Deceiver starts off with a slow-paced guitar solo that becomes a strong energetic fast paced majestic rock piece. The lyrics are passionate that project the frustration of deceit that can befall on some people and finally discovering the truth. I can see similarities to BLUE OYSTER CULT during this track

Ataraxia has enticing and angelic vocals featured. These beautiful vocals communicate sorrowful and anguish. It’s a short but prominent piece that captures your attention.

Imprisoned By The Shadows starts with fierce powerful guitar riffs giving it ferocity. The drum solo by Lester introduces a lively upbeat rhythm to this track. As the song continues it leads into compelling dominant vocals.

Satan’s Riddle dominates with spectacular guitar riffs that inject the track with energy. While listening some unusual sounds were heard during this track but fit well within the song perfectly. These were noises generated with a synthesizer. Vigorous drum solos and captivating vocals which bring an end to this compelling and powerful album.

In conclusion this album prompts me in being nostalgic because of the similarities of the seventies era of rock. I found this piece very easy listening, seamless workmanship from the band. An album that I personally enjoyed.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

Opulent Decay will be unleashed on 20th March 2020 via Bad Omen Records.

Find SPELL on Facebook.

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