ALBUM REVIEW: Virocracy – Irradiation

Somethings in life have a weird degree of irony to them, and this is one of them. A few weeks ago, I was given this release to review and I thought “Hey, that’s a cool name. I can’t wait to see what that’s about.” And ok whilst it’s not the most ironic thing at this moment in time, an award that perhaps goes to CATTLE DECAPITATION’s postponed Europandemic Tour in which they promised to “Bring back the plague” it’s certainly up there.

But what do we have here? Progressive death metal from Germany? With elements of Thrash and Death Metal? I’m in!

Comprised of Anika Ov Moseberg (Vocals), Alexander Jelinek (Guitars), Jan Heidelberger (Guitars), Florian Betz (Bass) and Alejandro Serrano Martinez (Drums) and formed in the middle of 2018 this band certainly impresses.

The album opens with Omen a slow brooding piece that is setting the scene that acts as an introduction to the following track Initio which has elements of early ARCH ENEMY somewhere between Wages Of Sin and Black Earth. Anika’s voice here really delivers. A few more years practice and she’ll be a voice to be reckoned with. It remains both suitably heavy but also pretty clear which a lot of vocalists’ struggle to do.

Rane opens with a spoken word segment that is unusual to me. I’m left wondering why it is in English. Obviously more people speak English worldwide than German but…When you’re following it up with a brutal song surely German is the better language due to its harsher sounds. The song itself feels like it’s continually spiralling down into oblivion and that feels suitably apt after you’ve compared humanity to a virus.

Solitude feels like that scene in movies where everything is going wrong and it’s down to the main character to suit up. To step up and be the hero the story needs and if one of the one main riff doesn’t end up being used for this, I’ll be very surprised.

Overall, this is a good album and I’d give it a listen but I feel like it needs to push to be heavier or to sacrifice that and go for a more melo-death approach. There’s solid vocals and good songwriting and instrumentation but I’m left feeling unsure of what it is trying to do.

Rating: 6/10

Words: Jacob McCrone

Note From Jacob:

Hi, obviously there’s no escaping what’s happening in the world at the moment and I have to admit that I’ve described myself as some variation of utterly terrified on at least one occasion. It’s ok if you feel the same too. In fact, Rock Out Stand Out has a sanctuary page on Facebook that you are all welcome to join and discuss how you are feeling. We’re not professionals but we’ll listen. Mind will also be sharing resources on how to cope with isolation and anxiety in this difficult time.

ROSO Sanctuary

Mind Twitter

Irradiation is out now.

Find VIROCRACY on Facebook.

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