ALBUM REVIEW: Asenblut – Die Wilde Jagd

There is a new set of Vikings in town and they don’t plan on coming quietly. ASENBLUT are due to unleash their set of warrior-esque tales onto the world. All these will be found in their upcoming album Die Wilde Jagd. Die Wilde Jagd means The Wild Hunt in German and judging from the thunderous sounds of this record, that title is apt for the record. This is the second album they will be releasing via AFM Records, it will be their fourth studio album overall.

ASENBLUT go straight into the hunt with the title track. First impressions? It reminds me strongly of AMON AMARTH but they don’t sound so similar where you can’t tell either band apart. From the word go, you want to join in with the hunt and whatever they set out to do in their tales.

Through the course of the album, it is evident that these musicians are extremely talented. Claus Cleinkrieg’s and Stan Ro’s finger blistering guitar work is second to none here, there are excellent riffs and solos. Tetzel von Asenblut could easily be the love child of Johan Hegg (AMON AMARTH) with those dominant vocals. Bassist Sash and drummer Balrough do a great job providing those thunderous rhythms and bass lines. All the lyrics in this album are in their native German language so you learn some new words and phrases as you listen to the album too.

The vibes from Irminsul make you want to fist pump in the air and conquer anything that comes your way. You can hear the finger blistering riffs and prevailing vocals here. Whilst playing this track, you can just imagine being on top of the rocks grabbing the air as the thunder gods express their wrath. You feel invincible here.

The opening of Drachentoeter lures the listener into a false sense of security with the soft guitar riffs. This is before you are blasted with sheer brutality. Given the track name translates to Dragon Killer, I wouldn’t expect anything less. The verses of this particular song remind me of AMON AMARTH song Shield Wall. This is mainly down to the pumping guitar riffs, they don’t sound too similar so you can still tell the songs apart. The chorus of this track is mediocre, it doesn’t quite grab like the rest of the song does.

300 is the penultimate battle before the album draws to a close. The build up to the loudness at the beginning of the track depicts the preparation to run head first into battle. I can just imagine mosh pits breaking out at live shows to this track, especially when the rapid guitars and beats kick off.

Their sound in general to me sounds a lot like AMON AMARTH. That isn’t a bad thing of course but I think they need to work on finding something within their sound that will make them stand out in a sea of melodic death metal bands.

Having said that, it’s very clear from the sounds of this album that these guys are hard workers and extremely talented. Die Wilde Jagd shows ASENBLUT have potential to climb up the metal music ladder and recruit new fans to join the hunt. With a bit more time nurturing and developing their sound, they will be unstoppable.

Rating: 7/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Die Wilde Jagd will be unleashed this Friday via AFM Records.

Find ASENBLUT on Facebook.

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