From this point onwards, Rock Out Stand Out are all going to each reveal their album of the month. These can be much loved classics or the newest sounds. These posts will be released on the last day of every month.

Lotty: Feuerschwanz – Das elfte Gebot

It was an absolute pleasure to review this album. I have not stopped listening to this. It’s full of in your face songs that pack a punch and allow you to have fun to at the same time. My personal favourite tracks on the album include Meister der Minne, Im Bauch des Wals, Mission Eskalation, Totentanz and Unter dem Drachenbanner. It contains fun frolics that pack a punch from start to finish. There is a sweet covers album that goes with this too that I would also recommend checking out.

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Becky: Gloryhammer – Rise Of The Chaos Wizards

This features tales of space, epic battles and heroism! GLORYHAMMER bought us an epic journey that takes us into the world of Angus Mcfife . The album is full of catchy riffs and memorable lyrics. Thomas Winkler’s vocals certainly leaves us with goose bumps. Tracks that receive an honourable mention are Legend Of The Astral Hammer and Rise Of The Chaos Wizards.

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Ashley: Lamb Of God – Lamb Of God

The kings of headbang groove are back!

Five long years have past since we were blown away by a LAMB OF GOD album and I’m happy to say it was worth the wait, thunderous guitar tones teamed with Randy Blythe’s destructive vocals are an absolute joy to listen to.  There are some absolute bangers on this album, from song one Memento Mori to the final song ‘On The Hook’ this album doesn’t lose any sense of tempo or momentum. It’s absolutely relentless, with some guest appearances from Jamey Jasta from HATEBREED and Chuck Billy from TESTAMENT to boot.

If you haven’t heard anything of this album (And if you haven’t WHY? WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!) then I suggest you check out the video to the single New Colossal Hate that was released a few months ago.

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Steph: Portishead – Dummy

Released in 1994, this album is one of my all-time favourites. The mellow and harmonic undertones within in its tracks are reminiscent of NIRVANA. This album manages to bring together light jazz and rock into an easy listen that does not put to much strain on the listener, whilst being involved and engaging. With lyrics such as ‘Nobody loves me, not like you do’ and ‘You don’t get something for nothing’ they bring out the feelings of loneliness and injustice we all feel and help us see that we are not alone wrapped up in beautiful vocals and haunting harmonies.

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Martin: Edguy – Rocket Ride

Whenever I play this album it instantly takes me back to seeing EDGUY perform for the first time (Manchester Academy 2 – 27th January 2006 supporting DRAGONFORCE). I was blown away with how amazing they are live, and finally getting to see them live in person. Whilst I had heard the bulk of songs from the Hellfire Club album, Rocket Ride was the first album of EDGUYs that I owned. It marked their start in moving away from their traditional Power Metal sounds towards a “neo-classical hard-rock” style.

I also got to see them again later in the year where they headlined Bloodstock 2006 (my first time attending) and it was so good to see them as a headline act on the same tour. There are some songs that are silly and fun and also some serious ones throughout with my favourite being “F***ing with Fire.”

Rocket Ride still undoubtably stands at 10/10 for me to this day with EDGUY still amongst my favourite bands. 

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Stefan: Beyond The Black – Horizons

This is an album from one of my favourite bands that I’ve been anticipating it’s release for since it’s announcement. I feel that the German Symphonic/Melodic Metal quintet consisting of Jennifer Haben, Chris Hermsdörfer, Tobias Lodes, Stefan Herkenhoff and Kai Tschierschky has definitely delivered on a bold and powerful fourth album. I say bold as the band has aimed “for new horizons” by exploring a new Modern, more Melodic Metal side that we haven’t seen before.

This album is full of impactful songs from the anthemic Some Kind Of Monster, Golden Pariahs and Paralyzed to having some of Jennifer’s best impressive vocals too on songs such as the title track and I Won’t Surrender. There’s also a real gem within this album called Wounded Healer, which for me is a beautiful collaboration between Jennifer Haben and AMARANTHE’s own immensely talented Elize Ryd in which they harmonize stunningly together.

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So, that’s Rock Out Stand Out’s album choices for this month. What has yours been? See you next time.

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