NEWS: NAPALM TED – Unleash Second Album ‘Drop Attack’

Napalm Ted was born in Oulu, Finland early 2015. The trio has since spewn out several small works that were compiled in 2019 to one disc “Complete Success”. Their debut album “Mouthful” was released prior in 2018.

The second album “Drop Attack” is straight continuation with a tad wider musical range and expression. The main influences like Terrorizer and Macabre are still there anyway. Lyrics mainly deal with questionable human behavior and nature’s reaction towards it.

The album clocks just under 30 minutes and features guest artists like Markus Makkonen (Sadistik Forest, ex-Hooded Menace), Petri Sääskö (Afterworld) and Jouni Koskela (Abysmalia, ex-Vermivore).

Find NAPALM TED on Facebook.

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