ALBUM REVIEW: The Big Dirty – The Sex

Sit back and get ready for one of the dirtiest encounters you may come across from one of the newest bands in Hard Rock. Northampton Sex Rockers (their words, not mine) THE BIG DIRTY have released debut album The Sex and you better be prepared for this. These guys could give STEEL PANTHER a run for their money.

The album starts off with (Intro) Foreplay. With that song title, you can already know what to expect. If you’re not used to the band and their sound however, it turns out to be something quite different. It does what any good opener does, it entices you in and piques enough interest to find out what is in store. A seductive introduction as an album opener is a first for me.

If the track title Hold My Beer doesn’t pique your curiosity then I don’t know what will. This is the first song of the album and it gives us a first taste of THE BIG DIRTY. From C Diddy’s raw sounding guitar solos to lyrics that will make MÖTELY CRUE and STEEL PANTHER proud, you can hear instantly the band name and album title are more than apt.

The Sex is exactly what it says on the tin and the songs on here do well to match this. The rest of the album follows suit with its dirty sounding riffs, vocals and drum patterns. Below are some highlights on what this album consists of.

Hard Rock classic song Black Velvet comes to mind at first when listening to Dirty Rider, it’s for a split second in the introduction with a similar sounding guitar riff. Be prepared however as you will be in for the ride of your life when listening to this track. This track is a kicking riff machine with commanding vocals, a pounding bass-line and sensual drum rhythm to match. 

Hips will be swaying; hair will be swishing and everyone will be having a great time to Love With The Lights Off. The beats will make you want to dance wherever you happen to be and I can imagine this track going down well at live shows. I should also mention there is a slick guitar solo that will make you want to start shredding that air guitar.

Sensual Lover is the ballad of the album. Musically, it’s pretty much everything you can expect; soaring melody communicated through beautiful riffs on the guitars and a softer side to Jonny Rocket’s vocal work. Like most ballads, this one is full of soul and passion too. It is one that will definitely go down well at live shows. That atmosphere of fans singing along to every word will be a great experience.

It ends of a very satisfying note with Wham Bam (Thank You Ma’am). Given it’s a phrase used when you are satisfied with getting something finished. This gives us one last climax before the album comes to a close.

The Sex is a great debut album that showcases THE BIG DIRTY’s fantastic talent. Fancy a good time with dirty riffs and commanding vocals? Give The Sex a spin.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

The Sex is out now.

Find THE BIG DIRTY on Facebook.

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