ALBUM REVIEW: Reality Grey – Beneath This Crown

If you want metal, harmony, raw feeling, something you can’t get out of your head and will haunt, follow and entice you then I have something you can’t help but fall in love with. You desire an eclectic style that transpires into your being? Then look no further than REALITY GREY. You want a whole multitude of alluring sound for a metal heart then this is it. This is a whole range that plays out all across the spectrum and won’t allow you to have a moment where you know what’s next with their mix and unfiltered array of style, lyrics, music, sound and talent. Roll up your sleeves for your daily dose of metal because here comes the needle to heaven, or hell.

This genius creation of a hybrid and it could be deemed as complete madness when it comes to making music but what I see as a whole new area that had not been fully investigated and ventured in to hails from the south of Italy where in 2004 they formed REALITY GREY. From that followed in 2006 Darkest Days Are Yet To Come, 2008 Day Zero and 2014 Define Redemption to now be followed by Beneath This Crown which I have already fallen madly and deeply in love with already. Despite the albums they have also mainstage along-side fellow metal and rock artists such as DECIDE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, UNEARTH, SICK OF IT ALL, MUNICIPAL WASTE, HATESPERE, ROTTING CHRIST, DESTRAGE, NECRODEATH, HIDEOUS DIVINITY and NOVEMBRE which I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you must be like being in a heaven of metal and hellish sound.

Even more so to the name of the band. REALITY GREY is as much a reflection on our times as for now even moving forward things seem bleak and without colour, stuck in a grey area so to speak and its vital that we have an escape that we can immerse ourselves in and enjoy a moment un-tainted and un-ruled and un-chained. I feel every track of Beneath This Crown speaks to us an individual on a different level and that is what’s so relatable. What’s comforting is that even though death metal is being projected at and to you, I find you don’t feel pushed out or away, you feel welcomed and at one with the music.

This is an album I would play on repeat day after day if I could. The fact it resonates in your mind from the music; guitar riffs and drum mastery to the voice of deathly grows and pitch perfect lyrics and sounds that are melodical magic to me and in my ears, mind, heart and soul, it is truly one of a kind to me. One I will never forget. There is one thing I have to ask, and it is how did you create this masterful addiction that is becoming a metaphorical earworm? This album is truly worthy of the recognition I believe it will get by all the metal lovers out there all over the globe and this album is a wonder we have been blessed with. I personally can’t wait for the next albums to follow.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Zoe Stone

Beneath This Crown is out now.

Find REALITY GREY on Facebook.

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