ALBUM REVIEW: Illusory – Crimson Wreath

With this anti-war and unfortunate loss of life topic in this masterpiece, even with a sorrowful and melodic tune and rhythm it still has a metal fire lit behind it. It comes through at an unexpected time but due to the way it has been composed it completely binds together in this audio magic. Each individual artist has an unbelievable, unrivalled and undoubtable talent that surpasses any and if not all expectations especially with the title and theme.

It’s an album I feel is truly inline with its title and now more than ever. With ILLUSORY, previously IVORY TOWER but due to a German band wanting to release an album with the same name as it may have caused a clash and with the attempted sneaky change in the name, it did not quite make the cut. So, an entire new name had to be created. Even though it took a long time, hard deliberation and a variety of names, the democracy of the voting system was put in place and so it was there on ILLUSORY. However true to its name, it really radiates a false sense of security as it is ILLUSORY and even today in our day to day life, this makes you feel, despite what you are told. You know that idea along with the thought of it could just shatter at any moment at any day.

I can’t say that any of their songs sound the same or that I could even describe as similar in this album but that’s what makes it so perfect. Not to mention that in each and every song there is held within the lyrical artistry, there is a part that stands out with its uniqueness of being placed there and it takes you by surprise by it being there and it’s the perfect interlude. It’s also a touch that makes you think about the pure, true and raw origin of where it stems from; the pain, fear, agony and mental and internal torment yet the positivity of the music and the uplift that pulses and coursed through within it is unmistakeable. It looks to provide a safe space where you can relate and retreat to but knowing its built upon a cruel history that yet is still a current destruction to us is portrayed.

I love this and with the talent of each artist in this is truly an acquired skill many would dream to behold and possess. Even though The Voice Inside has not got the authentic and original bands music in it, I feel it doesn’t need it as the words of it are more than enough. With Acedia, the gentle tune in the back ground on the acoustic pairing with the wounded literary dialect of this man who is no more, who is no longer who he was holds up inviting all your emotions to feel it and feel it they do.

This incredible band have created sounds and lyrics and placed it together in such a way that there is no true and real way that my words in this review could ever do Crimson Wreath justice for its true original take on melodic and heavy and true metal. I can only hope everyone in the world gets a chance to experience this individual intertwined essence from within. Crimson Wreath by ILLSORY is a love of mine that I could spend day upon day talking about with this infatuation of mine and I have had the sheer privilege to hear before the eager fans that are lined up.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Zoe Stone

Crimson Wreath will be released 21st May 2021 via Rockshots Records.

Find ILLUSORY on Facebook.

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