ALBUM REVIEW: Van Canto – To The Power Of Eight

Hearing a rakkatakka here and a riddily diddly do there can only mean one thing; the mighty acapella metal warriors VAN CANTO are back. They are due to unleash their eighth offering To The Power Of Eight and they do not disappoint.

As I have said previously, the best album openers can both entice you in and provide a grand impact. It opens with the title track which is short and sweet, this lures you in. The die hard fans will relish at the familiar acapella goodness, new listeners will be intrigued. The first full length track is Dead By The Night and it provides an impact that confirms sticking around for the rest of the album is the best thing to do.

I first came across VAN CANTO through finding their cover of NIGHTWISH song Wishmaster and have been hooked on them since. Upon listening to more of their music, I found they produced equally great original songs. To The Power Of Eight keeps up this sterling reputation of great music as you get the perfect balance of both here. They say two’s company and three’s a crowd, this is not the case with VAN CANTO as this album saw the return of Phillip Dennis “Sly” Schunke as a guest singer. Alongside fellow lead vocalists Inga Scharf and Hagen “Hagel” Hirschmann, they are a powerhouse. Below are just a few examples of what I mean.

I have said before that I am attracted to great melodies and VAN CANTO are well known for producing them. Faith Focus Finish is great example of one of these melodies, you feel powerful and mighty when listening to this track.

When they announced they were releasing a cover of AMON AMARTH anthem Raise Your Horns, I was intrigued on how they were going to give it their own spin. They did not disappoint. This is the first VAN CANTO song where growls can be heard and it works.

With the title Turn Back Time, I was half expecting it to be a cover of the Cher classic but it’s not. It’s a beautiful ballad. One of the best ways to appreciate the track in all it’s glory is to close your eyes. The flawless harmonies between each and every vocalist is clear and at it’s best here.

First things that came to mind when listening to Hardrock Padlock, eighties hard rock and it is great. The lyrics such as “you may like to tear me apart, but you cant’ take my heart” and “I’ve got a hardrock padlock locking everything with meaning to me” wouldn’t be out of place in a song released alongside the likes of BON JOVI and GUNS N’ ROSES. You Give Love A Bad Name came to mind when listening to this glorious track.

It ends on an epic note with a mind-blowing cover of this QUEEN anthem I Want It All. Like the original, the opening lifts spirits instantly. Their takes on classic anthems are spot on and this one is no exception.

Once again, the metal acapella warriors have delivered. Get ready to rakkatakka along with VAN CANTO and feel the power of eight.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

The Power Of Eight will be released 4th June 2021 via Napalm Records.

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