ALBUM REVIEW: Electric Universe – Timeless

Well I can only assume the name ELECTRIC UNIVERSE is after the perfect playing and skilled electric guitar in every song. Its solos are like liquid gold being poured in to my ears, it feels so effortlessly played. With Timeless, I’ve never heard a truer name for such an album as its exactly true. Every song is as relevant as it is now as it would have been fifty years ago and as it will be in fifty years’ time. Never have I heard such lyrics and music that submerge me into a whole new level of real meaning that is fully relatable to the majority of the population

This album is a real mix of musical vibes and it’s hard to comprehend the changes from track to track. Even though they may be slight, they have a huge impact but the mix is what makes it so beautiful and the songs are gorgeous. The whole album is just so hypnotizing and really pulls you in. I admire the focus and dedication to really keeping the essence of the blues/rock genre in the music and lyrics. The overall feel of the album its rather impressive and admirable. Every track is just phenomenal; I’m utterly mesmerized and I’ll be humming these tracks for the next few days. It is a truly amazing album I won’t be able to forget, the blues and rock vibe is so on point in this album and its ability to stick to this mixed genre so precisely in each song is genuine genius.

Each song, I mean all ten, I have been absolutely captivated. The themes for the songs revolve around Harley Davidson riding, our brave troops and time itself. They have flawlessly accomplished this with Free Rider, Never Gonna Die, Right On Time, Never Forget, On Your Mind, Don’t Lie To Me, Sometimes, Time, What’s Going On and She’s Coming Home. All perfect, honest and meaningful; thanks to the artists themselves David Hinds (from RABBIT FAME), Joe Brownless (from KORA) and HEAVY METAL NINJAS and that clearly creates a phenomenal combination. The producer Ghian Write has worked with many artists such as Ozzy Osborne, Alice Cooper and FOO FIGHTERS so you can imagine how pleased all eight members were.

Each member of the band have all had very busy and extensive back grounds in the rock music industry like Michael “Mutt” Furness who has played alongside AC/DC’s Phil Rudd and Marilyn Collins-Smith has over thirty years of theatre, band and directing in her arsenal so she was the obvious choice for backing singer. Baz Mantis who had previously recorded two records joined in 2018 as a guitarist and he knew the band was going to be immediate hit and he was 100% right. I feel this album did not disappoint and will continue to be a timeless hit for not just the near future but for many generations to come. For me personally it’s a 10/10.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Zoe Stone

Timeless is out now.


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