ALBUM REVIEW: Veonity – Elements Of Power

The name VEONITY had popped around the Power Symphonic circuit but I hadn’t really given them a listen until recently. They have released their fifth studio album Elements Of Power and after experiencing the brilliant sounds off this record, I will be keeping my eyes and ears out for them.

The album is a conceptual tale about a boy that becomes a hero and finally overcomes evil for good. Having this knowledge in mind, it provides a clearer explanation on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy type elements in some of the songs. Not that it needed clarifying, if a band want to add Sci-Fi and Fantasy elements to their sound then awesome. The extra layer of a story within these is a great touch.

It starts off with Beyond The Realm Of Reality. BLOODBOUND and HAMMERFALL come to mind when listening to this opener. Whilst it’s a great melody, it wasn’t the most attention grabbing opener I had come across but the more I listen, the more I grew to like it.

After getting past a slow start, I am glad I stuck around for the rest of the record as it did pick up the pace. Altar Of Power was the track that piqued my curiosity instantly due to it’s gallant melody and empowerment it communicates through this heroic melody. Be sure to be clutching a Mjolnir whilst standing upon a rock when listening to this track.

If you’re wondering why the title track sounds like it would fit in nicely on a DRAGONY album; not only is it because it features their vocalist Siegfried Samer as a guest vocalist, it has a similar melody structure. Not that I am complaining as DRAGONY are a great band. Both Anders Skold and Siegfried’s voices fuse together brilliantly in this duet.

Gargoyles Of Black Steel is the one of the heaviest metal sounding titles I have seen and the prevailing melody does well to uphold this title. If MAJESTICA and JUDAS PRIEST had collaborated to create a track, it would sound something similar to this. This is down to the pumping riffs that PRIEST are known for throughout the song and in the choruses you get the stunning choir voices that MAJESTICA always produce flawlessly.

Curse Of The Barren Plains is my personal favourite track on the album. The catchy keyboard riffs wouldn’t be out of place in a Final Fantasy game. I also firmly believe this is a Power Metal fan’s dream track; this is due to the brilliant vocal work and the rhythm this track carries out. I ought to mention there is not only a slick guitar solo but a fantastic keyboard solo too. Air musicians and lip-syncers will be rejoicing to this track.

It ends on a gallant note on Return To The Land Of Light. It leaves you either wanting to experience the whole thing repeatedly, eagerly await the next chapter or both.

Elements Of Power is a grower for me, the more I listen to it the more I grow to like it. If you’re a fan of bands such as DRAGONY, MAJESTICA and TWILIGHT FORCE then I recommend them.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Elements Of Power is out now.

Find VEONITY on Facebook.

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