ALBUM REVIEW: Fury – Born To Sin

The West Midlands are renowned for being the birthplace of Heavy Metal. As the decades have passed there is no dilution of the pool of talent that continues to emerge to this day. One such band is FURY, who clearly have a love of that traditional sound. Even after a decade of existence they continue to put their own marks on the genre and have released their latest album Born to Sin.

If You Get To Hell First feels like a modern day take on the legend of Robert Johnson, making a deal with the devil at the Crossroads in order to exchange his soul for the ability to play quality blues music. Julian Jenkins‘ vocals are as hot as hellfire on this track! There is certainly a heavy blues vibe to this album opener and makes you want to buckle in for the ride.

Nowhere To Be Seen has some great basslines featured courtesy of Becky Baldwin and is a great nod to the classic rock tracks of previous decades.

Next In Line makes you want to punish those neck muscles and bang your head throughout. There are some nods to METALLICA and has both some delicious chug and melodic guitar work throughout.

Hell Of A Night references lots of famous horror films of yesteryear within the lyrics. What is good about this is that the horror genre usually ends up performed in the “Horrorpunk” style, but FURY have done their own take on these familiar themes and suffice to say it is no mad scientists’ delusion, this totally works.

Who Are You is retrospective to things we have all been unable to do over the past couple of years, which is to interact with our loved ones and friends. Everyone can relate to this feeling so this track will be perfect to whip the crowd up in a live setting.

Sunrise is about making the most of the opportunities life throws at you: “I just regret so many wasted days, a new sunrise has come.” Tom Fenn shows great musicianship in this piece which you just want to tap along with.

It’s Rock N’ Roll is a song about how good music makes you feel “Rock N’ Roll, it resonates deep within your soul” and how music can also be a great healer. There is certainly some Lemmy and MOTORHEAD influences in this piece.

Shadows And Dust is the ballad of the album and certainly has some strong melancholic and weeping guitar work between Julian and Jake Elwell respectively. There is also some great vocal work from Julian along with vocal exchanges and harmonising with Nyah Ifill and Becky too. Imagery wise this piece takes me to a blues bar with dim atmospheric lighting, and the loitering scent of tobacco, whilst opening up about one’s emotions and desires through song.

Embrace The Demons picks up the pace once more and has the feel of the song Ballroom Blitz about it. This foot stomper is a great track from start to finish.

The title track is hands down a thrash inspired attack that fires on all cylinders, injecting you with adrenaline and is a banger throughout.

Situated somewhere between Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare album and the best tracks that Jim Steinman composed, this album is enjoyable throughout and I love it.

Whilst there were mixed feelings about the bands last offering (no issues from me for the record being an F1 fan!) what FURY have done with this release is returned to the genre’s origins, mythos, and legend, spinning a tale that is recognisable but refreshing at the same time.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Martin White

Born To Sin is out now.

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5 thoughts on “ALBUM REVIEW: Fury – Born To Sin

  1. Great review. I love this album! Probably my album of the year. Heavy, catchy, funky, cheesy, fun, great singing that’s not buried in the mix.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the review Neal. It is an incredible album and totally understand why it will probably be your album of the year too! – Martin


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