WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Lotty’s Half-Way Choices – Singles

Following on from my albums post, here’s what singles have made my year so far.

Jonathan Young – Man The Cannons

Before coming across this song, I was familiar with Jonathan Young, in particular his metal covers of a variety of songs. Last year, he released an album of his own material with the band GALACTIKRAKEN and there are some brilliant belters on there. One of those is the mighty Man The Cannons that was released as a single this year. You know those songs that have you hooked from the moment you press play? Man The Cannons fits that category perfectly. Unleash your inner space pirate and venture across the galaxy with this gallant song. If you like this one, I highly recommend checking the rest of the album out.

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Fellowship – Until The Fire Dies

I had seen the name FELLOWSHIP bounce around the power metal circuit but it’s only this year I have listened to them. They are due to release their debut album The Saberlight Chronicles and to tease their group of adventurers, they have released an empowering single. From the start of Until The Fire Dies, you know you are going to be treated to a brilliant adventure and the track doesn’t fail to deliver. I heard the description Barbie Goes To Mordor on Twitter and this is quite accurate here. “Live your life with a battlecry” has to be my new favourite lyric and it will be yours too if you listen to this song. Stay tuned for my album review and interview, I can’t wait to share my thoughts on the album.

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Dynazty – Natural Born Killer

I have been hugely impressed with the singles DYNAZTY have released so far and Natural Born Killer has to be my favourite so far. The best of their song writing all comes together here; from the infectious beats to the bold synth melodies, from the exciting vocals to the slick guitar solos, this track is a beautiful gem. This track wouldn’t sound out of place within the 80s yet due to it’s modern twist, it will stand the test of time. If the singles so far are anything go by, I am hugely looking forward to the album.

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Sabaton – Solider Of Heaven

SABATON’s latest album The War To End All Wars is a great one, the single that has stuck out for me is Solider Of Heaven. Have you heard of the phrase simple but effective? This strongly applies to this song here; the melody is straight forward yet is so powerful. The song grips me with this haunting melody and brilliant song writing. I have had this song on loop since it’s release.

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Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Sin Eater

BETH BLADE AND THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS are due to release their latest album soon and to entice us right in, they have released some singles. The one that has stuck out for me so far is Sin Eater which manages to achieve a rarity in songs. The rarity being that it’s raw and gritty whilst being catchy and infectious, that is an amazing feat to achieve. I am currently reviewing the album so stay tuned for that and the interview with lead vocalist Beth Blade.


dArtagnan – Westwind

I came across this single by chance, folk metal outfit DARTAGNAN were a discovery for me last year; their latest album Feuer & Flamme made my top ten albums. Through the epic sounding pipes to the gallant beats, Westwind makes you want to take the next ship you can get your hands on and embark on a remarkable voyage. This is the second single to be released ready for their upcoming release Felsenfest and if this majestic song is anything to go by, I cannot wait.

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Feuerschwanz – Dragostea Din Tei

FEUERSCHWANZ have covers nailed down to a tee and their cover of O-ZONE’s 2004 summer hit Dragostea Din Tei is no exception. Reading the song title in the first instance got me thinking if this was a cover of a song I used to listen to a lot when I was a pre-teen and low and behold it was. This cover is a welcome one for me and I am still very happy they did it. Fun fact: this is their first song in Romanian.

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What singles have made your year so far? Let us know in the comments.

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