WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Martin’s Half-Way Choices – New Nostalgia, Delightful Discoveries & Eurovision Euphoria

Woah we’re halfway there…Woah…Living On A Prayer/Lizard On A Chair/ Falling Down The Stairs? Omit as necessary!

I have selected some of my favourites from the year so far, granted there has been a whole plethora of music released this year but these selections stood out for me and I keep finding myself playing them again and again

New Nostalgia!

Recent remastered release of the DIRE STRAITS Money for Nothing compilation, my grandparents had this on cassette, and we used to have it on in the car on trips out and I listened to it over and over again. Whilst all these tracks are incredibly familiar to me, hearing them remastered on this release allows me to discover them again in a new light. Everything is that much clearer, precise and there is also sections that will have been missed on the original release. If you love DIRE STRAITS and Mark Knopfler in general, you really should check this one out. The live rendition of Telegraph Road was always my favourite track and to hear it remastered is just a thing of beauty.

Find DIRE STRAITS on Facebook.

Delightful Discoveries

AMARNYTHIA are a York based Witchcraft Folk Band and I discovered their 2021 EP Walk The Wytchwoods via Bandcamp and recently purchased their recent release Sisters of which all the proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated to humanitarian charities supporting the people of Ukraine . The band have a song titled Pendle Hill and this landmark has always cast its shadow upon my life seeing as it is prominent on the horizon, and I have lived in the area all my life. Not only can see you Blackpool Tower from the top of it on a clear day but it inspires you and gives you a sense of the local history and folklore that emanates from it too. The bands musically also inspires and emanates its themes such as Fae, spellcasting, sabbats and the Lancashire With Trials. It is always good to have a change from rock and metal for a change and this group is a perfect option.

Find AMARNYTHIA on BandCamp.

HAVENLIGHTS and their album Songs of Autumn were a Bandcamp Friday discovery and suffice to say I very much enjoyed this release so much I had to order a physical copy. They are a melodic metal band from Italy and the 2021 debut release features eight mighty tracks which forms incredibly solid foundations for the bands future.

Check out the Track: Long Lost Rhyme

Find HAVENLIGHTS on Facebook.

Eurovision Euphoria!

Sam Ryder – Space Man

I really got behind the UK’s entry for Eurovision this year, I was aware that THE RASMUS were representing Finland and whilst their entry was a good track, I feel that their most recent single would have been a better song selection for them. However, our very own Sam Ryder and his song Space Man instantly ingrained itself. It is a very fitting homage to David Bowie I find. It was good to discover that Sam used to play in power metal band THE MORNING AFTER so I have delved into their back catalogue to see the musical journey Sam has experienced to date: Power Metal band, 2nd place in Eurovision, a number 1 single and of course performing as part of the Queens Jubilee celebrations. We all love the track and Sam in my household (So much so our daughter falls asleep to it!)

Find Sam Ryder on Facebook.

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