WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Lotty’s Half-Way Choices – Albums

In the famous words of BON JOVI “woah, we’re half way there”. For me personally, it’s been a tough year so far and the thing that keeps me going in the great music. There have been some brilliant releases so far, here are some of my favourite albums that have been released so far.

Kissin’ Dynamite – Not The End Of The Road

For those who haven’t read my previous posts and/or listened to my shows, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are one of my go-to bands if I need a morale boost. Their previous releases look into having a great time and staying positive. Their latest release takes a different turn, within the song writing they clearly acknowledge that things do go wrong and lots of things can effect your mental health negatively. They do this whilst providing the listeners hope that things will get better and that you can overcome what’s holding you back. This is done brilliantly through songs such as the hard-hitting message of Only The Dead, the comforting Coming Home, the poignant ballad Scars and feel good anthem Good Life. I ought to mention the single Good Life was released the same week I caught COVID and it helped me feel better mentally for those few minutes. KISSIN’ DYNAMITE therapy seriously needs to be a thing and Not The End Of The Road is solid proof of this.

You can read more of my thoughts in my album review that you can read here. I also interviewed lead vocalist Hannes Braun about the album, click here to read.

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Glasya – Attarghan

Even though epic symphonic metal outfit GLASYA have been around for a while, they are a new discovery for me. Attarghan isn’t just an album, it is a masterpiece that transports you into a tale. The tale looks at former army commander Attarghan; after refusing a direct order from his tyrant emperor, he is considered a traitor. Whilst awaiting his execution, the emperor’s daughter helps him escape. From this, he decides to form a rebellion. This album had me transfixed; alongside the stunning melodies, they have spoken parts. These both work together so well to immerse you into this majestic tale. From the inspiring Way To Victory to the heart breaking ballad We Weren’t Meant To Be, Attarghan is a masterpiece from start to finish.

More details of these thoughts can be found in my album review that can be found here.

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Grailknights – Muscle Bound For Glory

Metal Superhero troupe GRAILKNIGHTS are back with a mighty new quest. From start to finish, Muscle Bound For Glory is a magnificent adventure; it’s one that will that current members of their battle choir are already keen to be a part of. It will also encourage new members to sign up. Where else are you going to hear song titles Pinball Death Machine and Skyward Thunder Punch? I’ll tell you where, you can hear those on this album. If those song titles alone don’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will.

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Ghost – Impera

GHOST are one of those marmite bands, you either love them or hate them. I personally quite like them and their latest album Impera has increased this admiration. I had a sudden family bereavement at the end of March and this album was a great comfort. Whether it was through the uplifting sounds of Spillways, the sombre tones displayed in Call Me Little Sunshine, the outlandish stylings of Twenties or the heart-stopping Darkness At The Heart Of My Love; there was song for each feeling I needed to express. I have had it on loop since buying it and it’s one I will carry on turning to.

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Visions Of Atlantis – Pirates

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS were one of the first bands that got me into Symphonic Metal and over the past few years, I have listened to their outstanding releases. Their latest one Pirates is their best album to date; it gets the balance of needing to escape and reflecting on moments spot on. This was my album of the month last month which you can read about here. From the daring adventure in Legion Of The Seas to the stunning reflective ballad Heal The Scars, each track makes you want to embrace your inner scallywag and venture out around the choppy waters. Due to the solid production, majestic melodies and fantastic song writing; I am seriously considering this album of the year.


Deep Sun – Dreamland – Shades Behind The Sun

This is a late addition to the post as I have only come across them. A friend of mine shared a video of theirs and went to Spotify to see what they had released. Their latest album Dreamland-Shades Behind The Sun was among their discography and I was completely blown away by their top notch melodies that capture your imagination. The stunning variety of tracks allow you to fully immerse into the music and to forget your worries for the duration. From the whimsical stylings of Mitternachtstanz (Translation:  Midnight Dance) to the poignant In Silence, from the NIGHTWISH-esque Dreamaster to merriment in Rogue (Dreaming Leprechaun Pt.II); each track has a tale to tell and they are all ready to invite you in.

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What albums have made your year so far? Let us know in the comments.

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