NEW SINGLE: Skyblazer – Morning Star

Remember my previous posts where I mention a social media post won’t do a single justice? Well this is one of those cases, the song in question is SKYBLAZER’s latest offering Morning Star. For those who don’t know, SKYBLAZER is a project started up by SYMPHONITY’s Johannes Frykholm. He does the vocal work and other instruments whilst inviting guests to master guitar solos and lead vocals.

Morning Star definitely one of the most fascinating singles I have come across and I shall explain why. It starts off with a beautiful piano and vocal combination from Johannes, KAMELOT comes to mind when listening to this part. This dark romantic tone lures you into a false sense of security before being subjected to the spookiness of the horrors that are about to be bestowed.

It then abruptly transitions to an upbeat tempo and the influences of Neo-Classical are evident here. Abrupt transitions don’t always work but given the content in this single, it definitely works here. Given the single is based on the game series Castlevania is why the following aspects work well here. One; the spooky harpsichord melody that wouldn’t out of place in a haunted castle, I wouldn’t be surprised if Igor played this tune hundreds of years ago. Two; the creative lyrical content containing lines such as “now it’s infested by monsters from hell” and “my bloodline will vanquish all demons tonight”. A hats off to Cederick Forsberg for the excellent guitar solo that will please all air guitarists.

I have a fondness for things that mix spooky and fun together well; Morning Star definitely achieves this with flying colours. If KAMELOT and RHAPSODY OF FIRE created a song together, it would sound something similar to this.

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Find SKYBLAZER on Facebook.

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