EP REVIEW: Lost Dawning – Embers Of Dusk

LOST DAWNING are new and fresh to the power metal sphere yet they are already making a great impression. Their debut EP Embers Of Dusk came out before the end of 2022 and it’s already receiving praise from fans and critics alike. Having listened to the EP myself, I can see why they are gaining recognition. Let me take you through the EP, track by track.

The opening track Fire Alone starts off in a typical Symphonic/Power metal style with an enchanting melody on the piano. No complaints from me on that front. It gives the listeners a first taste on what to expect from this fresh new band. Every air musician will be rejoicing due to an excellent keyboard and guitar solos appearing side by side. Poetic lyrics such “from the tiger’s fury, from the rising storm, from the scourge of the city, fire alone will save us” gives that unexpected chill of anticipation and exhilaration; especially since they are sung beautifully by Phillipa Sztencel, WITHIN TEMPTATION’s Sharon Den Adel comes to mind when I hear her vocals. The track is inspired by Warrior Cats that you can read more details about in my interview with Phillipa and drummer/founder Daniel Engström by clicking here.

Next Level is reminiscent of classic power metal bands such as STRATOVARIUS and RHAPSODY OF FIRE; it carries a brilliant melody that will be remembered for years to come. It also continues to showcase how talented each band member is. According to Phillipa, the song itself is inspired by the Heaven’s Gate Cult and their beliefs of being on a higher plain from everyone else. When listening to the lyrics such as “to the next level, the cleansing of the world in pristine light” accompanied by mighty music arrangements, it starts to fit together nicely.

If NIGHTWISH and WITHIN TEMPTATION created a track together, Burning Stars will give you an idea on what that sounds like. NIGHTWISH album Oceanborn comes to mind when I first hear the opening of this track; this was confirmed in my interview with the band when Daniel mentioned references to the track Gethesmane which can be heard clearly in the drum patterns. Listening to this again, the song Day Of Days from CONTROL THE STORM comes to mind due to the melody. No complaints here as they are both great. It’s also worth mentioning that there are references to Jane Austen’s Persuasion and poet Dylan Thomas in this track.

Embers Of Dusk is a great debut EP that LOST DAWNING have produced. Across the three tracks, you can hear consistently fantastic melodies made up of poetic lyrics, beautiful vocal work, pounding bass lines, brilliant drum patters and slick riffs and solos from guitars and keyboards. They are a band to keep your eyes and ears out for.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Embers Of Dusk is out now.

Find LOST DAWNING on Facebook.

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