ALBUM REVIEW: Negatory Effect – Never Trust A Tuesday

Imagine something so non-sensical yet so organised. It’s impossible to do right but what if I told you that there was a band that could provide an audio version of this? The band in question are NEGATORY EFFECT and the best way to describe their music is organised chaos. Bits and pieces that shouldn’t work together but NEGATORY EFFECT somehow manage this feat. This can be heard in their latest album Never Trust A Tuesday which I will tell you a bit more about.

Album opener Disaster World reminds me very heavily of the twilight levels in the game The Legend Of Zelda:  Twilight Princess, in particular when the enemies are nearby. I usually say in my reviews that opening tracks can lure you in whilst hitting you with an impact, Disaster World does this plus the extra joy of increasing curiosity. It’s a cliché to say this sets you up for the rest of album but in this case, this couldn’t be more true.

When I first went to listen to this record, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I know one of the members from the power metal scene and he mentioned it was hugely different. I was curious and was glad I gave it a go. It’s one of those albums where you wonder what on earth is happening yet you can’t look away. Below are just some examples of what this album offers up.

Imagine if NINE INCH NAILS and RAMMSTEIN had somehow conceived demonic offspring. Messiahnide will give you a great example of what that would sound like. Images of alternative nightclubs and laser lights come to mind when I listen to this track. This would be the ideal environment for this track.

From the opening lyrics of Share/Care, I could tell the song looks into polyamory. The band explain in an interview that it’s a mixture of poking fun of ignorant comments that are made about polyamory whilst letting the listeners know what polyamory actually is. These lyrics are upheld by one of the catchiest melodies I have heard for a while.

If HIM were a dance band from the nineties, The Flame Will Light The Way would be one of the tracks they would release. This is down to the beats and rhythms you will hear in those dance tunes; these uphold vocals that sound similar to Ville Valo’s smooth and commanding tones. Being this is the slowest track on the album, I would consider this by default the ballad of the album.

It ends on the tracks Sickness and UK Crisis. If you ever wondered what a duet between Corey Taylor and Ville Valo would sound like? Sickness will give you a clear idea and it sounds like it would work brilliantly. UK Crisis is a vocal warning summing up what we have just listened to and it’s more than fitting.

What I have heard in this album shouldn’t work or fit together yet NEGATORY EFFECT managed to piece it all together brilliantly. Once you have listened to the album, you only need to read the title of any of these tracks and they are in your head for days. Like with my most recent album of the month post, Never Trust A Tuesday has taught me to try something out of my comfort zone and embrace the unknown as you never know what you might find. So I encourage you to do the same thing.

Rating:  9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Never Trust A Tuesday is out now.

Find NEGATORY EFFECT on Facebook.

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