ALBUM REVIEW: Asenblut – Die Wilde Jagd

There is a new set of Vikings in town and they don’t plan on coming quietly. ASENBLUT are due to unleash their set of warrior-esque tales onto the world. All these will be found in their upcoming album Die Wilde Jagd. Die Wilde Jagd means The Wild Hunt in German and judging from the thunderous … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Asenblut – Die Wilde Jagd

ALBUM REVIEW: Dynazty – The Dark Delight

DYNAZTY are due to return with an adrenaline filled masterpiece. It is guaranteed to become a firm favourite in your repertoire. The Dark Delight reveals its musical delights as I delve into each track. Presence Of Mind is an anthem in its own right, an adrenaline filled song with energetic guitar riffs by Mike Lavér. … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Dynazty – The Dark Delight

ALBUM REVIEW: Bonfire – Fistful Of Fire

One of the things that has kept my sanity at bay and mind occupied is great music, particularly during times of uncertainty. The latest band to do this for me are Hard Rock veterans BONFIRE, they are due to release their fourteenth studio album Fistful Of Fire in a couple of days. This appropriately titled … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Bonfire – Fistful Of Fire

NEWS: BONFIRE – Release Single/Video For 'The Devil Made Me Do It'

BONFIRE release their new single/video 'The Devil Made Me Do It', the second track taken from upcoming album 'Fistful Of Fire', out on 3rd April on AFM Records. BONFIRE release their new album 'Fistful Of Fire' on 3rd April, out on AFM Records.Pre-order the new album:  Check out the new video below: Find BONFIRE on Facebook.

NEWS: FIREWIND – Release Their New Single 'Rising Fire'

FIREWIND release their new single 'Rising Fire', the first track to be taken from upcoming album 'Firewind', out 15th May on AFM Records. Since power metal masters FIREWIND announced their new line-up (which now features Herbie Langhans from Avantasia on vocals), fans and critics alike speculate how FIREWIND’s new incarnation might sound. Their questions find an answer now in … Continue reading NEWS: FIREWIND – Release Their New Single 'Rising Fire'

ALBUM REVIEW: Deadrisen – Deadrisen

Heavy Metal is approaching it’s fiftieth birthday soon, so there could not be a better time for DEADRISEN to make an appearance. Their sound has been described as an explosive cocktail of older, traditional musicians with young, hungry new school guys. Judging from the eclectic collection of sounds on their self-titled debut album, I would … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Deadrisen – Deadrisen

ALBUM REVIEW: Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire

Ross the Boss (Ross Friedman) was one of the founding members of metal kings MANOWAR (also a founding member of punk act THE DICTATORS). He left the group after 1988’s Kings of Metal and has worked on many other projects such as DEATH DEALER. Nowthe Ross the Boss band are now releasing their fourth offering … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire

NEWS: ASENBLUT – Release their new single and video Codex Gigas

ASENBLUT release their new single and video 'Codex Gigas', the second to be taken from upcoming album 'Die Wilde Jagd', out 17th April on AFM Records Check out their new video for Codex Gigas below: Find ASENBLUT on Facebook.

NEWS: ROSS THE BOSS – Release their new single/video for Maiden Of Shadows

ROSS THE BOSS release their new single 'Maiden Of Shadows', out now on AFM Records. You can check out the video below: ROSS THE BOSS release storming new album 'Born Of Fire' on 6th March on AFM Records.Pre-order "Born Of Fire" here: Find ROSS THE BOSS on Facebook.

NEWS: DYNAZTY – Release their new melodic rock single Heartless Madness

DYNAZTY release their new melodic rock single 'Heartless Madness' on February 28th, this is the second track taken from their upcoming album THE DARK DELIGHT, due for release on 3rd April on AFM Records. . Check out the new lyric video below: Find DYNAZTY on Facebook.