ALBUM REVIEW: Protokult – Transcending The Ruins

When opening the press pack, the bands listed under the “for fans of…” are ARKONA, KORPIKLANNI, WINDIR, NIGHTWISH, TURISAS and SKYFORGER. This piqued my curiosity as that is such a wide range of influences and since this is my first experience of Toronto Pagan/Folk act PROTOKULT, I wasn’t sure what to expect. With that said, … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Protokult – Transcending The Ruins

ALBUM REVIEW: Erdling – Yggdrasil

Listeners explore this haunting, lyrical feast from the heart of nature and the soul that is Yggdrasil. ERDLING produce the music suited for the pagan rock genre. Yggdrasil is inspired by Nordic mythology, it was part of the band emblem from the very first day. Now ERDLING dedicated their fourth album to this symbol. To … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Erdling – Yggdrasil