Album Review: Serious Black – Mirrorworld

serious-black-mirrorworld-cover-art_phixrIn the world of Metal, the sub-genre Power Metal is often ridiculed for its majestic melodies that often remind one of fantasy dramas such as Game of Thrones, It’s even dubbed “not proper metal” by those Extreme Metal elitists. The latest album ‘Mirrorworld’ from multi-national Power Metal troupe SERIOUS BLACK shows those that Power Metal can be a grand gem for everyone to enjoy.

For those first hearing the name SERIOUS BLACK in this way rather than as a character fromJK Rowling’s magical series ‘Harry Potter’, here is some information. This super group features ex-members from household names in Metal such as BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLOWEEN andTAD MORSE. This initial project was started backstage by bassist Mario Lochert and ex-guitarist Roland Grapow, at a summer festival in Spain in the year 2013. They enlisted more musicians to join this project and they finally met in 2014. Grapow decided to focus on his bandMASTERPLAN being why he stepped down; he was later replaced by Bob Katsionis.

Their latest album ‘Mirrorworld’ is a record containing polished melodies with grand vocalwork, guitar solos that you’ll be trying to practice along to and a powerful vibe that makes you feel  like you are on an epic quest. Like a lot of Power Metal albums out there. After the first couple of listens the melodies do find a way to cling onto your brain and swim around aimlessly as you unintentionally sing the words along to songs such as ‘Heartbroken Soul’, ‘As Long As I’m Alive’ and ‘State Of My Despair’.

‘Heartbroken Soul’ is your typical Power Metal ballad as the tempo is slowed down to point where you can sway from side to side. The melody of this song is rather lovely to listen to; it’s a simple and memorable melody. ‘As Long As I’m Alive’ is the opening belter that shakes the listener and lets that person know who’s in charge of this moment. ‘State Of My Despair’ is a grand uplifting one that reminds the listener of an epic quest.

It concludes rather majestically on the track ‘The Unborn Never Die’. This is a great album is you fancy something upbeat and mood lifting. Everyone needs to feel like a heroic warrior when they are feeling down.


Find Serious Black on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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