King Leviathan – The Shrine EP (Review)

In the past year I have found Brighton, UK to be the perfect breeding ground for some of the best Underground Metal; one that came under the radar almost a year ago were a Black/Thrash Metal quartet known as KING LEVITHAN and believe me, I have keeping a close eye out for them ever since watching them in my hometown.

This no-nonsense quartet formed only last January and to say they are already turning heads in the metal community would be a huge understatement. Over that past year I have only really experienced the chaos and pandemonium they bring with their live shows, I can concur this is the same with their recorded music from their new EP “The Shrine”. With the sort of Metal they produce the fact mayhem comes with it is a huge compliment.

Onto the EP itself that is due out at the end of the month; after the instrumental “Intro” slowly eases the listener in, the abrupt change to the aggressive heavy melody of “Wormwood” is a slap in the face. I did in fact recognise the melody from their live shows, even found myself performing a sweeping headbang in the office as this track played. I highly enjoyed this selection of different melodies; in my opinion it does show you what KING LEVIATHAN are about.

One of the things I was pleased to hear highlighted on the EP was the strong talent from each and every musician in the group. Particularly the dominant vocal work from charismatic frontman Adam Sedgwick and the blistering solos provided by Rob Kuhler; KING LEVIATHAN are definitely one of those bands that sound excellent on both recording and live.

Overall an excellent EP that will provide a way up the metal music ladder; if you fancy hearing Thrash with Death and Black thrown into the cauldron pot KING LEVIATHAN would be the band to turn to, this EP definitely shows us what they aim to bring.


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