Album Review: Gypsy Chief Goliath – Citizens Of Nowhere

gypsy-chief-goliath-citizens-of-nowhereDo you like:

Music where can hear the rough tones within the vocal work?

The raw guitar solos and riffs?

Lyrics and vibes that depict Southern America?

If the answer to all those questions is yes then here is another band to add to your collection. They go by the name of GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH and they bring forth their latest album ‘Citizens Of Nowhere’.

This Southern/Blues troupe hail from Ontario, Canada and as they state on their website; in this increasing competition in the arena of Heavy Metal they stand alone. Judging from the tones of this solid album, it can be agreed that they could be correct.

First impression of this record is that it is hard to pinpoint exactly who they sound like, that’s a marvellous thing as they’ve achieved their own sound. Their sound cleverly captures influences from some classics such as THIN LIZZY and BLACK SABBATH can be heard in there, this is cleverly balanced with some modern influences from the likes of CLUTCH, GRAVEYARD and MONSTER MAGNET. From the word go you can hear it within their rough and raw yet beautiful vintage sound.

Like CLUTCH this sound is the definition of a diamond in the rough with its aggressive and coarse melodies that provide a very relaxed ambience at the same time. It’s great when it works like that. Examples of this technique can be found in tracks such as ‘Black Samurai’, ‘Gloomy Tombs’ and ‘We Died For This’.

‘Black Samurai’ is a great track to listen to, if you wish to find out what MONSTER MAGNET and CLUTCH would sound like if they were to duet.  ‘Gloomy Tombs’ is the sort of ballad on the track that gives a great ambience to chill to after a heavy night out. ‘We Died For This’ is the track that will make you want to start your own wall of death with its fast paced dirty riffs.

Overall? This is a superb album that cleverly mixes legendary influences from back in the day with modern icons.

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